Is France Eligible To Host 2024 Summer Olympics?

This might seem a straightforward question to be answered, but if we look deeper and analyze the nitty-gritty of it then will reach a certain approach to deal with it. Before moving to a certain conclusion about the eligibility of France to host the Olympics Games in 2024, let us discuss this question from an objective as well as a subjective approach.

Suppose the question is objective in nature

If we look at an objective perspective of the eligibility of France to host the Summer Olympics 2024, we find that France is eligible to host this mega event. The eligibility is valid because of the decision taken in the 131st Session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to select Paris to host the 2024 Summer Olympics.

We call this approach objective in nature because IOC has very strict criteria for the eligibility of cities across the globe who wish to host the Olympics. Cities are evaluated on the basis of whether they can deliver certain prerequisites in terms of yes or no. The eligibility criteria majorly include a robust financial commitment, a well-developed infrastructure, and a vibrant legacy plan for the Games. On the other hand, the primary focus of identifying the eligibility criteria encompasses the political stability within the country, and a commitment to comply with the core values of the Olympics.

Moreover, the IOC considers many other factors, such as the city’s climate, tourism potential, and ability to host mega sports events, in addition to these standards. The city that is most suitable for hosting the Olympic Games is the one that the IOC selects. This selection process takes several years from the day a city submits its bid to host the games to the day IOC makes its final decision.

In addition to the above criteria, the specific factors that the IOC considers when evaluating a city’s bid to host the Olympics are listed below:

·  Stadium Capacity

·  Transportation

·  Accommodation

·  Security

·  Environment

The IOC considers the city’s overall vision for the Games, including its plans for promoting inclusivity, sustainability, and a long-lasting legacy. The city needs to demonstrate that it can deliver a successful and memorable Olympic Games.

With the view to the above criteria the IOC was impressed with France’s sustainable and inclusive vision for the Games, hence it was announced in 2017 that Paris will be the host city for Summer Olympics 2024.

Suppose the question is subjective in nature

In contrast to the above text, if we look at this scenario from a subjective perspective, we find that the decision of the IOC should be reconsidered. Let us explain our point of view in this regard. In terms of the subjective approach, we must look deeper into the intrinsic factors that can make a country ineligible to host the Olympics. Let us analyze and evaluate our counter perspective in the following ways:

·  Political Instability

Paris was selected in 2017 to host the Olympic Games, which is around six years ago from now. However, the situations are different from the past to the present. In this context, recent political unrest due to anger over the shooting of a teenager by police, coupled with massive riots puts the incumbent government in a testing political situation. A report published by Politico Magazine suggests that these riots are different in nature and far more worrisome, and require the government to confront this dilemma immediately.  

·  Human rights abuses

Despite being a proponent of human rights, France has been involved in a number of human rights violations in recent years. The most recent example is the excessive use of force by police against protestors which turned into riots after the killing of an Algerian 17-years-boy by traffic police. This resulted in the banning of the Paris Protest. On the other hand, a report published in Economist Magazine also suggests that France acknowledges that the police are violent. On the other hand, many incidents of racial and religious discrimination have been reported by Amnesty International, especially against Muslim individuals and associations.

·  Lack of Inclusivity for Spectators

Concerns are on the rise when it was announced that only VIPs will be allowed to drink within the premises of the event. According to that, the only people allowed to drink at the Paris Olympics are the most powerful people in the country. This shows the lack of commitment of France to ensure inclusivity in games. On the other hand, athletes slam the Paris Olympics for high ticket prices. The organizers’ commitment to an Olympics that anyone can participate in the event has been undermined by athletes joining criticism of high-ticket prices for the Paris Olympics 2024.

These are the major factors that should be considered while evaluating the decision of eligibility via a subjective approach. However, there are other factors that can be included in the discussion, but the above points would be enough to depict the tip of the iceberg.

To conclude our point of interest, it is implied that the decision of France being eligible for hosting such a great sports event should be reconsidered and reevaluated. This suggestion mainly revolves around securing and preserving the very essence of sports which is robust inclusivity and fair competition.



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