Rising Arms Exports of France: Economic Boost or Ethical Dilemma?

According to the report published by The Guardian, British Newspaper, France paces a significant challenge to Russia as the second biggest arms exporter behind the US. The report also suggests that arms suppliers in France have more international orders than Russia. Similarly, global defense exports by France have risen from 7.1% in 2013-17 to 11% in 2018-22, which shows a 44% increase. On the other hand, France is ranked third arms exporter in the world among the top 10 arms exporters across the globe

Is France Eligible To Host 2024 Summer Olympics?

This might seem a straightforward question to be answered, but if we look deeper and analyze the nitty-gritty of it then will reach a certain approach to deal with it. Before moving to a certain conclusion about the eligibility of France to host the Olympics Games in 2024, let us discuss this question from an objective as well as a subjective approach. Suppose the question is objective in nature If we look at an objective perspective of the eligibility of France to host the Summer Olympics

Paris Olympics 24: How France is Destroying Sports Essence For Its Soft Image?

When there is a talk about image building one cannot deny the saying of Aesop about perception: “Every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both before we commit ourselves to either.” In the modern era, every nation runs to build its strong image regardless of the means they take to get there. In this context, a recent debate has arisen with controversy about an upcoming sports event called “Paris Olympics 2024” which will be held in France. One of


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