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Resurgence: Anti-semitism's alarming presence in French politics

Resurgence: Anti-semitism’s alarming presence in French politics

FRANCE-After the Hamas attacks on October 7 and the ensuing conflict in Gaza, pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel student factions on American campuses have become more tense. These tensions have now crossed the Atlantic and arrived at a prestigious French university.  At a Palestinian solidarity rally held on the Paris campus of Sciences Po, the alma mater of French President Emmanuel Macron, accusations of antisemitism surfaced last week. A Jewish student claimed that she was denied entry to a demonstration organised by pro-Palestinian students after being

In France rival gang shootouts escalate drug war

In France rival gang shootouts escalate drug war

FRANCE-Numerous individuals have been slain this year in blatant attacks, often by minors, as a result of a rivalry between two drug gangs in Marseille on the Mediterranean coast of France, according to authorities. The two most known gangs in France are fighting for dominance of the drug trade in the city's northern neighborhoods: "Yoda" and "DZ Mafia." Marseille Drug War An AFP news agency tally shows that 36 individuals have been killed in the gang war since the year's beginning, which is five more than


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