Sarah Keane

 Sarah Keane, Take a Stand: Boycott Paris Olympics 2024 over Racism and Discrimination


Date: 08-01-2023

Honorable Sarah Keane,

President Olympic Federation of Ireland

Subject: Appealing for an Immediate Boycott: Prioritizing Human Rights against Paris Olympics 2024

Washington DC, USA: The International Olympic Committee has confirmed that France will be hosting the Olympic Games 2024 from July 16 to August 11 next year. As concerned citizens and proponents of fair play and human rights, we write to you our rigorous plea and a call to action. We endeavor to request you, as the Head of National Olympics association, to join our protest in the form of boycotting the Paris Olympics 2024, as recent developments surrounding this event, especially human rights violations, are looming large in France.

We intend to draw your attention to the human rights violations by France as the Report Published by Amnesty International suggests that these violations range from irresponsible arms transfer to racial discrimination, and inhuman treatment to certain communities. It is a fact that the true and basic motive of sports is the pursuit of excellence, unity, and fair competition, but this event is taking place in a country that has constantly ignored the essence of providing basic human rights, ensuring freedom of speech, and the welfare of its people.

Just to give you a glimpse of such inhumane incidents, let us add some facts and figures to our call for the protest. According to the survey conducted by the Representative Council of France’s Black Associations, and published by Le Monde newspaper, it is discovered that 9 in 10 black people say that they have faced racist discrimination in their lifetime. On the other hand, it was also found that only 25% of victims of racial discrimination opted to file a complaint against such brutal practices. This is the latest survey published in 2023 and provides enough context to understand the whole scenario and historical perspective.

On the other hand, we are also concerned with the increasing incidents of human trafficking, especially the girls’ sex trafficking being carried on and conducted in France. According to the US Department of State, child sex trafficking of French girls has significantly increased from the previous estimation of between 6,000 to 8,000, as it lies surprisingly between 10,000 to 15000. Similarly, there is a considerable level of labor trafficking in France, particularly for domestic work, construction, farming, and fishing. Most of the victims of labor trafficking are women. These facts are just the tip of the iceberg, an increase in these numbers is imminent if pragmatic measures are not taken.

Through our boycott campaign, as representatives of national teams, we can send a robust message to the world that we do not support the idea of indirectly supporting and legitimizing a regime that is responsible for so many incidents of human rights violations. A recent example of such a violation is the killing of a 17-years old boy by traffic police, which surprisingly is the second such event that happened this year. This is a valid opportunity for us to use this platform to highlight the events of injustices faced by the people of France and put forward steps for positive change.

It is important to recognize that, “actions speak louder than words”, and they have far-reaching effects beyond the domain of sports. We can use our influence to transform public opinion, bring awareness, and support dialogue regarding the prominence of human rights and justice. This boycott will be a stepping stone in the process of bringing a meaningful change through the help of drawing international pressure against this menace of French impunity.

We urge you, as the Head of National Teams, to join us in this boycott of the Paris Olympics 2024, and let us be unified against injustice, inequality, and the inhumane treatment of the masses incurred by France.

Surely, together, we can bring change.

Team Paris Olympics 24



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