A Historical Timeline of the Host Cities of Olympic Games around the World

A Historical Timeline of the Host Cities of Olympic Games around the World 

Since the first modern Olympics being held in 1896 in Athens, following are the host cities of all time being selected by the International Olympics Committee (IOC). The next host city for the Olympic Games will be Paris for the year 2024, and the following will be Los Angles in 2028. It can be observed from the list that usually these games are held after a gap of every four years.

Among these host cities, London is the only city that has hosted the Summer Games three times since the first game held in 1896. London hosted the Olympic games in 1908 for the first time, and then it got a chance after forty years in 1948, and then in 2012. Following the same pace, Paris will be hosting Games for the third time in 2024. In 2028, the USA will be the 5th time host country for the Olympic Games, though host cities would be different. This time in 2028  the host city would be Los Angeles.

Since 1896, there have been 30 Olympic Games being held in different cities across the globe. However, total numbers of cities being selected to host the Games was 33, from which three of the games were not held because of World War I, and World War II. Details have been mentioned below:

1. Athens, Greece in 1896

2. Paris, France in 1900

3. St Louis, USA in 1904

4. Athens, Greece in 1906

5. London, England, UK in 1908

6. Stockholm, Sweden in 1912

7. Berlin, Germany in 1916 (could not be held due to World War I.

8. Antwerp, Belgium in 1920

9. Paris, France in 1924

10. Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1928

11. Los Angeles, USA in 1932

12. Berlin, Germany in 1936

13. Tokyo, Japan / Helsinki, Finland  in 1940 (Could not be held due to World War II)

14. London, England, UK in 1944 (Could not be held due to the World War II)

15. London, England, UK in 1948

16. Helsinki, Finland in 1952

17. Melbourne, Australia in 1956

18. Rome, Italy in 1960

19. Tokyo, Japan in 1964

20. Mexico City, Mexico in 1968

21. Munich, Germany in 1972

22. Montreal, Canada in 1976

23. Moscow, USSR 1980

24. Los Angeles, USA in 1984

25. Seoul, South Korea in 1988

26. Barcelona, Spain in 1992

27. Atlanta, USA 1996

28. Sydney, Australia in 2000

29. Athens, Greece in 2004

30. Beijing, China in 2008

31. London, England, UK in 2012

32. Rio, Brazil in 2016

33. Tokyo, Japan in 2021

34. Paris, France in 2024

35. Los Angeles, USA in 2028

36. Brisbane, Australia in 2032



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