France sees surge in racist hatred, blames far-right for promoting intolerance

France sees surge in racist hatred, blames far-right for promoting intolerance

FRANCE-With a platform that calls for limiting immigrant rights in France, the far-right National Rally (RN) is leading the polls for the upcoming legislative elections. This is “frontal opposition to the principles of equality, fraternity and freedom” enshrined in the French constitution and will encourage racist views.

Is France’s far-right spreading hate and intolerance?

In the EU referendum earlier this month, the RN gained 30 members in the European parliament and 88 seats in the 2022 parliamentary elections, making it the second-largest party in parliament. In the meantime, the administration of Emmanuel Macron has taken a conservative stance on matters of immigration, identity, and security. As in other areas of the world, the Gaza conflict has led to an increase in antisemitism and Islamophobia in France. The rejection of the Other, whether in opinions or acts, was marked by a strong progression in 2023. (Antisemitic) activities are frequently sparked by the Israel-Palestine conflict and are most prevalent in reaction to Israeli army operations in Palestinian lands. 

However, this degree is unheard of. “The immigration law that was proposed by the government in February 2023 and contained echoes of (the RN’s idea) the ‘national preference’ and the debates surrounding it amplified this xenophobic trend,” it stated. Human rights organizations in France are warning of the “liberation of racist hatred” in the nation, which they link to the extreme right’s electoral victories. With 31.37 percent of the vote, Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella’s National Rally (RN) was declared the victor of the June 9 European elections in France. In the early parliamentary elections that President Emmanuel Macron called after his defeat, the party is also anticipated to win.

Can France stem the tide of rising racist hatred?

The RN has faced charges of xenophobia and discrimination against minorities, especially Muslims and persons of African origin, as it has made the struggle against immigration and “national preference” the main thrust of its program. With two significant elections coming up in less than a month and the possibility of seeing its first far-right administration since the Vichy dictatorship of World War II, France is now experiencing political unrest. These incidents have once again dramatically refocused attention on the racism issue. 

Renowned journalists Mohamed Bouhafsi and Karim Rissouli said last week that they had received racist letters, the writers of which claimed that the “historically French people are fed up to their back teeth of all these bicots racist terms used to refer to North African Arabs.” Following the airing of a segment on the well-liked TV show Envoye Special, in which a couple of RN sympathizers made “discriminatory remarks” towards their neighbor, a Black nursing assistant they told to “go to the kennel,” an investigation has been opened in the Loiret department in central France. The public prosecutor’s office in Nancy, eastern France, is looking into a far-right candidate’s billboard that reads, “Let’s give white children a future.” significant French charity Secours Catholique has reported four unfriendly events in Calais, which is a significant departure point for migrants coming to England, since President Macron dissolved the National Assembly.

What’s driving the Far-Right’s anti-Minority rhetoric in France?

According to middleeasteye, At bus stops, migrants have claimed being doused with bleach, having liquid poured at them in front of a day reception center, and being the target of water bombs containing contaminated water. According to media reports, in major towns like Montpellier or Lyon, neo-Nazis and other ultra-right organizations have become more prominent, armed, and aggressive. 

They have screamed phrases like “Islam out of Europe” and attacked LGBT people and left-wing campaigners. President of the Human Rights League Nathalie Tehio told AFP, “It’s frightening that it’s getting worse now, even though it’s been a major trend recently.” There is a certain laxity among those who kept it a secret; they now tell themselves, ‘That’s it, they are virtually in power.'” Really, we can go for it. A growing number of people, especially Muslims, are worried that the RN could win Sunday’s parliamentary elections, which will be followed by a second round on July 7. As reported by france24, Muslims face frequent criticism. We are constantly being insulted and accused of all ills by Le Pen and Bardella. Politicians from the RN will turn against us once they are in power. French Muslim lady of Algerian descent Yamna Belhbib recently told Middle East Eye. 

Boycott Pairs Olympics 2024 due to racism

Due to the severe conditions in France towards Racism , the Olympics should be boycotted. It is not safe for the public as well as migrants. Human rights violations are very common  nowadays in Paris. Paris is a city to fall in love with but when it comes towards humanity it is the worst one. 



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