France's far-right seeks to consolidate power in decisive vote

France’s far-right seeks to consolidate power in decisive vote

FRANCE-The fate of the unexpected parliamentary elections remains uncertain, but opponents of the long-banned far-right party and France’s vehemently anti-immigration National Rally hurried to capitalize on an inconclusive first round of voting.

Will France’s far-right secure a majority in the decisive vote?

The National Rally’s road to power was made more likely by the first round of voting on Sunday, but there is still a chance that voters might obstruct it in the crucial second round. There are now two possible outcomes for France in what looks to be a wild last week of high-stakes campaigning. In the last round on Sunday, the National Rally and its allies, emboldened by a wave of support that made them the winner of the first round but not the overall winner, might gain a working majority in parliament. 

Alternatively, they could fail, blocked at the last possible moment by those who still intend to stop the establishment of France’s first far-right administration since the Second World War. Imagine, for example, that France, the nation of enlightenment and human rights, would overnight transform into one of several far-right nations. “This is unfathomable,” remarked socialist Olivier Faure, who retained his legislative position with ease. Voters’ resentment of inflation, poor wages, and the perception that many French families are being left behind by globalization was used by the extreme right. Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Rally, ran her party on a platform promising to reduce immigration, increase consumer purchasing power, and enforce stricter EU regulations. Because of its anti-immigration stance, a large number of French nationals who are descended from immigrants feel alienated in their own nation.

Can rivals unite to block the far-right’s rise to power?

Le Pen would have an absolute majority in the 577-seat National Assembly and the power to compel President Emmanuel Macron to choose her 28-year-old protégé, Jordan Bardella, as France’s next prime minister if she were to get 289 legislators or more. A centrist president and Bardella sharing power in this way would be difficult and ripe for confrontation. Macron has said that he would not resign before the end of his second term in 2027. Approaching 289 seats might also be advantageous for Le Pen. She might be able to win over enough new MPs to her side by offering government seats. 

The establishment of a National Rally administration in France would represent a further victory for far-right and populist parties in Europe, which have been gradually gaining ground in the political mainstream and even gaining control of certain nations, such as Hungary. For the next six months, the rotating presidency of the European Union will be held by Viktor Orbán, the prime minister of Hungary. However, the French election’s first round was also sufficiently ambiguous to raise the opposing hypothesis that the country’s intricate two-round voting system would potentially prevent any one group from securing a decisive and viable majority.

What’s at stake in France’s high-stakes political showdown?

According to apnews, Nevertheless, Le Pen’s opponents still find that scenario more desirable than her party winning, the latter having a history of racism, xenophobia, antisemitism, and animosity against Muslims in France. It also has historical links to Russia and a more hostile stance toward the EU. French democracy is in danger of being “Trumpedized,” legislator Sandrine Rousseau, an ecologist who was also reelected in the first round, said. 

“The second round is going to be really important.” The election has overshadowed preparations for Paris to host the Olympic Games, which start in less than a month, due to the high stakes and short notice. Those who advanced to the second round despite not winning the first round had until Tuesday at 6 p.m. to determine whether to withdraw or continue competing. Opponents of the National Rally may have shifted votes to other candidates who are more likely to defeat the extreme right on Sunday if they withdrew. As per kvia, A few contenders unilaterally declared their intention to stand down, focusing their energies on defeating the National Rally. In other instances, party officials dictated the course, declaring that they would remove their candidates from certain districts in an effort to obstruct Le Pen’s rise to prominence. Her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who has been convicted on several counts of using hate speech that is racist and antisemitic, left her the party, which was then known as the National Front.

Boycott Pairs Olympics 2024 due to racism

In election days, the main things which passed through eye is Racism and human rights violations. France is not a safe state for immigrants and tourists. So, on this basis the event of the Olympics is not safe for the public, fans and players. This event should be boycotted. 



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