French Racism in Football

French Racism in Football

The French Football Federation (FFF) and its connected activities are unfortunately where racism in football has unfortunately found a disturbing home. Racism in football is a nasty stain on the “beautiful game.” There are severe concerns about the situation of racial relations in French football as a result of recent instances of hateful, racist abuse, notably on social media sites.

Historical Context

The roots of racism in French football can be traced back to the sport’s early days. Like many European nations, France grappled with issues of discrimination and prejudice that permeated various aspects of society, including football. As the sport gained popularity, it became a reflection of the broader social tensions within the country.

The Euro 2020 Final and the Plight of Kingsley Coman

The Euro 2020 championship game was meant to be a celebration of the best in football. But instead it served as a sombre wake-up call to racism’s pervasive presence in the game. French footballer Kingsley Coman missed a critical chance during France’s loss against Switzerland in the penalty shootout. Following the game, Coman was subjected to a flood of racist comments on social media, highlighting the disturbing level of racial abuse in the modern world.

Aurelien Tchouameni and the Fight Against Racial Abuse

Following the Euro 2020 championship, Aurelien Tchouameni, another well-known French footballer, also suffered racial abuse. On social media, the young midfielder was subjected to a barrage of racist epithets and bias remarks. Tchouameni’s objectionable actions spurred him to pursue a lawsuit against the perpetrators of the offensive posts, bringing attention to the critical need to address racism in football’s online communities.

The Place de la Concorde Rally and its Impact

At the renowned Place de la Concorde, a huge rally was held in protest of the rising tide of racism in French football. Thousands of football supporters, activists, and players gathered together to denounce racial abuse and call on French football authorities to take appropriate action. The demonstration wasn’t merely a show of solidarity. It was also a call to action, pushing individuals in positions of influence to speak out against the endemic bigotry.

Racism in International Matches: The World Cup Final

Domestic football is not the only league where racial abuse occurs. It also occurs in international games. One such occurrence happened during the World Cup championship game when top player Kylian Mbappe encountered racial insults following a missed penalty. The racism that was practised towards Mbappe during this crucial game was brought to light by the taunts that were hurled at him.

International Cooperation: British Police Arrests and Jyothi Chouhan’s Struggle

Football anti-racism activism cuts beyond national boundaries. British authorities detained those in charge of racially assaulting French players during international games as a sign of global collaboration. This illustration shows how everyone must work together to fight racism in sports. Additionally, Jyothi Chouhan’s instance, an Indian football player making her Asian Games debut, demonstrates the problem’s global scope. During her football career, Chouhan, who had previously played for GNK Dinamo Zagreb and  experienced racial harassment.

The Impact on Women’s Football: Indian Women’s League and UEFA Champions League

Men’s football is not the only sport in which racism exists. Even in women’s football, there is a fair amount of racial abuse. For instance, episodes of racial discrimination against players of African and Asian descent have occurred in the Indian Women’s League. Similar to how it has affected players from different backgrounds, racist abuse has crept into the UEFA Champions League.

Spain’s World Cup-Winning Squad and a National Team Boycott

Racist taunts hurled at its players caused a crisis for Spain’s World Cup-winning team. The national squad boycotted as a result, which sparked a wider discussion about racism in Spanish football. As the governing body attempted to address the situation, the episode ultimately led to institutional reforms within the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).


Whether it occurs in France or elsewhere, racism in football is still a problem. Racist taunts directed against athletes like Kingsley Coman and Aurelien Tchouameni in recent times underscore the urgent need for change in the industry. The struggle against racism in football is far from over, despite the fact that protests, legal complaints, and international cooperation show progress. Constant watchfulness, commanding leadership from football federations, and a dedication to building a more welcoming and varied football community are all necessary. The lovely game will then be able to live up to its name.



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