How France is destroying the sovereignty of Niger

How France is destroying the sovereignty of Niger

France is ready to gain and promote its credibility regarding its soft image by hosting Paris Olympics in 2024, but the ongoing political turmoil in Niger, coupled with the recent coup and consequent events, has raised many eyebrows concerning the stability and sovereignty of the country. The role of France in the region and its relationship with Niger has come under question, as it is perceived to have a substantial impact on the sovereignty of Niger. This analysis delves into the factors that should be considered while evaluating the perspective of France’s potential involvement in deteriorating the sovereignty of Niger. Here are some important points that should be noted:

Coup Rally and Unrest

The reports show that thousands of coup supporters rallied near a military base of France in Niger, showing their discontentment with the perceived foreign interference of France. Unquestionably, this ongoing unrest showcases a sentiment that the sovereignty of the country has been compromised by external actors, including the French government.

Deposed President and Detention

While the deposed President Mohamed Bazoum has been detained, concerns have been raised about the detention conditions that are reportedly deteriorating, sparking fears about the well-being of the incarcerated President. This development suggests that there might be foreign powers, including France, might be involved in the emerging coup, with the view to further undermining the sovereignty of Niger.

Protesters and Their Demands

Protesters near the French base presented their major concerns by opposing the meddling of France and the West African bloc ECOWAS in the internal affairs of their country. This shows that foreign entities are influencing the country’s internal affairs and shaping its political landscape according to this belief.

France’s Role and Hostility

France has historical and strategic interests in the region as a formal colonial power. Concerns have been raised about the impact of the military presence of France on the internal affairs of Niger, particularly to combat jihadist insurgency. The perception about the involvement of France in regional security matters can contribute to developing a view that it is adversely impacting the sovereignty of Niger.

Niger’s Actions and Hostile Sentiments

The decision to tear up its defense agreement with France and the hostile demonstrations outside the French embassy indicate an increasing level of anti-French sentiment within the country. The relationship between the two countries is even more tense because of the view that France’s actions are not in line with the interests of the country.

International Concerns for Bazoum

Several international actors including the European and African Union, have expressed concerns over the detention conditions of President Bazoum. This attention on a global level could be seen as an attempt to indirectly influence the internal affairs of Niger and pressure the coup leaders.

ECOWAS Involvement

The establishment of the “Standby Force for the Restoration of Constitutional Order” was approved by the Economic Community of West Africa (ECOWAS) to interfere in the country’s affairs. However, ECOWAS’ involvement could still be seen as interference by the outside world.

To Sum Up

All in all, the ongoing events in Niger show the influence of foreign forces on the country’s sovereignty, including a coup, the detention of President Bazum, and public sentiment. On the other hand, the military presence, regional interests, and historical ties of France contribute to the perception that it plays a role in shaping the political landscape of Niger, which can undermine the autonomy of the nation and fuel anti-French sentiments in the region. Undoubtedly, this is not a good sign in the way of building its soft image through hosting mega sporting events like the Paris Olympics 2024. While safeguarding and building a soft image, a country should take rigorous care that it does not destroy the sovereignty of other nations.



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