Who is behind the viral video calling for the boycott of the Paris 2024 Olympics?

Who is behind the viral video calling for the boycott of the Paris 2024 Olympics?

While the Paris Olympics 2024 are just one year away from now, the viral video calling for the boycott of the event emerged which has generated noteworthy attention and controversy, particularly due to potential influential campaigns and the intriguing web of connections behind it. This article tries to articulate the details regarding various actors potentially involved in the spreading of that video and to shed light on the complexities pertaining to its origin and purpose.

The Viral Video: Contents and Impact

Recently, a video calling for a boycott of the Paris Olympics 2024 got viral and gained massive attention on the social media website “X” (formerly known as Twitter). Basically, the video contained a mixture of promotional clips for the upcoming Summer Olympics in 2024, along with disturbing images of violence by French police. While alleging human rights abuses by the French authorities, especially the law enforcement agencies, the video concludes with a persuasive call for boycotting the event. By the start of the second week of August, the video has reached to 5 million viewers.

Unveiling “New York Insider”

One of the major aspects of this trending video is the contribution of an entity named “New York Insider”, which is said to be involved in the process of making and disseminating the video. Interestingly, this entity has a verified Twitter account as a news organization and a corresponding website www.newyorkinsider.net. Nevertheless, having a closer look extracted several red flags in this regard. Surprisingly, all of the articles related to this particular subject are accredited to a single author named, Michael. Moreover, most of the content seems to be copied from renowned news agencies such as Huffington Post, and the New York Times. On the other hand, on the website of New York Insider the “about page” seemed missing which raises further suspicions regarding the authenticity of the organization.

The Intrigue of Timing and Ownership

Further investigation into the history of the domain of New York Insider suggests that it was registered only a month before the posting of the viral video advocating the boycott. This short timeline of the creating website and posting the video raises significant questions about the true motives and intentions behind the creation of the website. Fascinatingly, the association of the website with an entrepreneur from Azerbaijan, who is the owner of a communication agency which is specialized in digital content creation for brands. This information further adds a layer of complexity to the narrative. The agency’s core area of doing business is crafting press releases in multiple languages that are then published on different websites, including the New York Insider.

Denials, Claims, and Geopolitical Undercurrents

However, the entrepreneur has denied any association with the creation or dissemination of the trending video and emphasized that the connection with the domain of the New York Insider is only limited to the website development work. On the other hand, the entrepreneur states that the success of a viral video is an example of a successful influence campaign. While boasting about catching the attention of prominent journalists and government officials, the New York Insider also highlighted the impact of the video in an article posted on its website.

Geopolitical Factors and Strained Relations

It is surprising to notice that the video went viral in Azerbaijan prior to appearing on the platform of New York Insider. Many government officials, had shared the video on their social media platforms including the Head of Press of the Council on State Support to NGOs under the Presidency of Azerbaijan. Apart from this, it has already been observed that Council on State Support to NGOs has seen promoting the stance of Azerbaijan on international conflicts. The nature of this development suggests potential geopolitical dimensions, however, the exact motive behind sharing of the video remains unclear yet.

The important factor to be considered in our analysis is the strained relationships between Azerbaijan and France which further makes the scenario complicated. For example, the ongoing conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh, and President of France, Emmanuel Macron’s support for Armenia has angered Azerbaijan and has fueled tensions. This background information postulates a backdrop for understanding why certain entities like New York Insider in Azerbaijan might be eager to amplify the content that portrays the negative side of France.

All in all

In summary, the trending video persuading viewers to boycott Paris Olympics 2024 showcases a web of interconnected players, including a suspicious news organization, an Azerbaijan-based entrepreneur associated with content creation, and geopolitical conflicts between Azerbaijan and France. A lack of transparency and influence movement makes the true origins and motives behind videos more complex, making them a typical example of the complexity of information dissemination in the digital age.



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