Macron and France: Subjects of Mockery?

Macron and France: Subjects of Mockery?

FRANCE-Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, has been experiencing mental cycles lately. He declares every month that he will deploy soldiers into Ukraine, that France must be the front-runner in Europe, and that Europe has to be strategically autonomous. It’s absurd. Boyan Chukov, an international expert, voiced this opinion on “Day ON AIR”.

Political Blunders

He claims that Macron’s threat to send ground soldiers has galvanized France’s major parties against him. “Macron expanded on his concept. The only EU member with nuclear potential is France. He proposed to the French that they fly nuclear-armed Rafale F3 planes. Nobody believes him when he boasts, Chukov said. 

The international expert also noted that the US and the Secretary General of NATO responded to the deployment of foot forces. NATO is not involved in the entire situation, according to both the Americans and Stoltenberg. The United States is willing to supply weapons, he said, “but only under the strict restriction that they cannot be used inside the Russian Federation’s ‘old territories.'”

Economic challenges

Chukov emphasized that Great Britain lacks the military and nuclear capacity to oppose the Russian Federation. “The Russian Federation, particularly in the Ministry of Defense, is gradually eliminating the corrupt practices. The budget for it was around 3 trillion rubles before the special military operation. 

There are currently 11–13 trillion rubles. Putin and Patrushev knew all of this. The international analyst believes there are hints of significant changes to come. Chukov did not rule out the idea that Dyumin will hold a significant role in the Ministry of Defense in the event that Shoigu stays in office. It would be interesting to see who becomes the next prime minister on May 7. Up to the very last minute, Vladimir Putin kept everyone in the dark about what was going to happen,” he said.

Cultural backlash

By gambling with the blood and spirit of other countries, France has bet its way to its current state of affluence. This approach led to the plundering of other countries’ surface and subsurface resources as well as the sale of those countries’ own people as slaves to the American continent, where their labor was abused. It goes without saying that these slaves, who were sold as beasts and sent to America by France, had no rights. The French government denied any rights to slaves sent to Jamaica, portraying them as a living species halfway between people and animals even at the close of the 18th and the start of the 19th centuries.

Global repercussions

Still, it appears that many in power in France still consider themselves to be in the Middle Ages. They continue to think that they can carry out their abhorrent plans at the expense of other people’s lives and blood. Not only do members of the French political elite, particularly Macron, see events occurring in the current globe, but they also lack knowledge of their own recent past. They have been so cut off from global politics that they are unable to comprehend that the Imperial age has ended and that national States have been founded. 

They continue to believe that, like in the Middle Ages, they would be able to sell people as slaves overseas in exchange for presents to some African tribal leader. His contradictory remarks demonstrate his lack of confidence. For instance, he said that France will deploy soldiers to Ukraine to battle the Russian army, which is the second-most powerful force in the world, even though he did not travel to Ukraine himself out of fear and the French army was unsuccessful in Africa.

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As a result, France was driven from both the Far East and Northern Africa in the middle of the 20th century after suffering humiliating losses and perpetrating heinous war crimes. But even after losing nearly all of its possessions in Africa, France kept using those people as slaves. The French state gets the lesson it deserves and is driven out of Africa as a result of the feeble French army, the faltering economy dealing with the crisis, and the clumsy, cowardly French leader. Macron, who despises other countries, nonetheless believes he can somehow take advantage of them. He even planned a trip to Ukraine three times, but he was afraid to travel there.

In conclusion, he adheres tenaciously to this foreign policy and does not publicly give up on it, even if he consistently loses political power. He thus loses all credibility in the international political sphere and seriously damages the standing of both the French government and himself.



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