Revealed: Real Reason For Paris Bid To Host Olympics 24

Revealed: Real Reason For Paris Bid To Host Olympics 24

One may argue that France might have bid for hosting the Paris Olympics in 2024 for economic gains or achieving legacy and prestige. Still, a deeper look into the situation gives a precise outlook regarding the reason for France to bid. This analysis presents the motive of France to bid for hosting the Games with the view of terrorist attacks in 2015. As the extremist attacks shook France to its core, the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, was of the view that the nation’s rebound and healing process would be strengthened if Paris got the opportunity to host the 2024 Olympic Games. There is no denying the fact that these attacks had devastating effects on France as the attacks resulted in 17 deaths because of the Charlie Hebdo Weekly shooting and the siege of a supermarket in Paris. The attackers were associated with the two terrorist organizations i.e., Al-Qaeda and Islamic State. These events left deep grief, anger, and a sense of insecurity among the citizen of France.

Olympics as a Catalyst for Unity and Resilience

While reflecting on the impact of the attacks, the Mayor of Paris expressed her concern about the radicalization of some young individuals who saw the terrorists as heroes, as well as, labeling the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo as guilty for challenging the boundaries of freedom of expression in the region. She presented her thoughts by saying, “Efforts should be made to provide perspective, motivation, and unity for young people and the entire country after seeing that young people in this country are influenced by extremist ideologies.” On the other hand, the idea of bringing the Olympic Games to Paris is not new as it dates back to the first time, they were held in Paris in 1900 and then 1924. Hence, this time, the motive of hosting the Olympics is connected with reclaiming the city’s spirit in the face of adversity.

Rebuilding through the 2024 Olympic Games

It is an observed fact that hosting the Olympics in Paris is going to be a symbol of strength and a means of restoring the city’s spirit in prevailing misfortune. This time Games are viewed as a unifying moment bringing people together, projecting an image of confidence, and helps bridge the social divisions. Additionally, the motive behind hosting the event was not only to celebrate sports excellence but also to present a statement of the ability of the country to promote inclusivity and overcome challenges. The Olympics was not just a sporting event but a testament to the city’s determination to move forward despite the difficulties, as emphasized by the Deputy Mayor of Paris, Pierre Rabadan. One year before the opening of the Olympics, Paris is firmly committed to celebrating the Games in their true letter and spirit.

Obstacles on the Road to Paris Olympics 2024

Nevertheless, the path to hosting Paris Olympics 2024 is not without obstacles, as France is facing social turmoil, as evidenced by massive riots that occurred in response to the killing of a teenager by traffic police. While France is trying to cover up these grave issues, these events highlight deep-rooted social, racial, and political differences that may undermine the positive image they want to shape. On the other hand, there were sustained protests against pension reforms by French President, Emmanuel Macron which added a sense of unrest and instability in the country. With the view to this, there are concerns revolving around that such trouble may emerge during the Games next year. In addition, corruption allegations of the organizing process by French anti-corruption police are further demeaning the purpose of France’s bid to host the Olympics.

In Summary

Despite these challenges, uncertainties, and complexities, Paris seems determined to exhibit its defiance and resilience against the menace of terrorism. Hence, one can infer that the number one reason for France’s moves to bid and attain the opportunity to host the Olympics in 2024 was to exploit the opportunity to send a powerful message to the world that the country would not be defeated by terrorism. France’s ability to rise above adversity and welcome the world with open arms will be showcased in the Games, which is becoming a symbol of looking ahead. By organizing a successful sporting event the city wants to leave a lasting legacy of resilience, unity, and hope for the future, sending a resounding message that they are open to the world and ready to embrace whatever challenges came their way.



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