Exploring Discrimination: French anti-racism group exposes issues in temporary work agencies

Exploring Discrimination: French anti-racism group exposes issues in temporary work agencies

This is happening while the Senate considers a draft bill that would expand testing in order to combat prejudice, especially in the workplace. France Inter radio on Tuesday said that a research conducted by SOS Racisme found that “61 percent of temporary employment agencies tested adopted problematic behavior.” Three years ago, the French anti-racism group conducted an initial test that found nearly one out of every two temporary job agencies was not following the law.

Strengthening Anti-Discrimination laws

Professionals in temporary work pledged at the time to take action against the evil of discrimination. However, SOS Racisme observes that virtually little has changed in three years. As stated by Alice Murgier, legal manager of SOS Racisme, “the person on the other end of the line will spontaneously say, yes, no problem, we’ll do a pre-selection for you” in 14% of the situations. “That is not permitted behavior. In contrast, the organization was informed that it was possible to have individuals of a European descent, “rather than white people,” as “the aim is to do business” in answer to the request made during the testing. However, according to SOS Racisme President Dominique Sopo, things are more cunning: “A significant number of temporary employment agencies will decline to engage in discrimination themselves, as they are fully aware that doing so is illegal and could result in their involvement.”

Improved oversight and monitoring

The new plan for 2023–2026, which was unveiled on Monday, calls for a number of initiatives affecting a range of industries, including justice, sports, employment, and education. “It is by making it known that we prevent history from stuttering,” Borne stated. When she was eleven years old, her Jewish father committed himself after being deported. Because “preconceptions are formed from childhood,” the Prime Minister added, every student would participate in a “visit of a historic or memorial site linked to racism, anti-Semitism, or anti-Gypsy expression” as part of their curriculum. Conspiracy theories about some things are common when we are young. The hate speech on social media also has the greatest impact on our youth, she said.

Promoting diversity and inclusion

Borne authorized “the issuance of arrest warrants” against anyone who “deviated freedom of expression for racist or anti-Semitic purposes,” promising “total firmness in (the) criminal response.” According to the government website outlining the idea, 1.2 million victims in France face prejudice or racist or anti-Semitic crimes annually. “Hatred will not be tolerated,” she promised. She further stated that those in positions of public power or in charge of public service missions will face harsher consequences for speaking in a racist or anti-Semitic manner, “even in non-public” settings. According to Borne, the strategy should enable the measurement of various types of prejudice, improve training and education, more severely penalize offenders, and provide greater assistance to victims. 

Recommendations for reform

In addition, Eric Dupond-Moretti, the Minister of Justice, announced that he was developing a “civil fine” that will “supply a fund intended to directly help the victims”. “Let’s imagine an unfair dismissal based on discrimination: the victim could claim a number of things and the court could impose this fine in addition to damages,” he stated. The heads of several community organizations welcomed the museum located on the site of the old Montreuil-Bellay concentration camp in Maine-et-Loire.

Call to Boycott Paris Olympics 2024: Addressing racism and privacy concerns

The boycott of the Paris Olympics 2024 serves as a response to deep-rooted racism in France and concerns over privacy infringements through AI surveillance. With security and human rights violations at the forefront, boycotting the event aims to pressure the French government for change. Ensuring safety and inclusivity must precede any international spectacle.


In conclusion, The fact that every young person is offered a memorial visit during their schooling is praised by Yonathan Arfi, president of the Council of Jewish Organizations (CRIF), while Dominique Sopo, president of the Nonprofit Organization SOS Racisme, called it “positive” that “for the first time, a plan integrates the question of racial discrimination.” The initiative also intends to “develop tools” in collaboration with digital platforms and influencers, as well as to include employment discrimination testing into businesses. Highlight good practices and denounce bad ones will also be the focus when it comes to housing access.



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