Flames of anticipation: Paris 2024 welcomes the Olympic torch to France

Flames of anticipation: Paris 2024 welcomes the Olympic torch to France

FRANCE-In front of 150,000 spectators, the Olympic torch landed in France on Wednesday in Marseille on a 19th-century ship for a ceremony that presented the organizers of the 2024 Paris Games with their first significant security test. Seventy-nine days before the start of the Olympics, the torch was transported from Greece to the port in southern France aboard the three-masted Belem.

Symbolic Journey Begins:

In France, hate crimes including offenses motivated by racism, xenophobia, and religion rose by 32% in 2023 over the previous year. 8,500 offenses based on the victim’s race, nationality, or religion were reported by police and gendarmerie forces last year, according to a study made public by the Interior Ministry’s Statistics Service (SSMSI). The study states that 6,400 of these offenses resulted in penalties. Besides this the journey of Pairs Olympics 2024 is going to be started. Planes from the Patrouille de France display team drew the Olympic rings in the sky as the ship approached Marseille’s Old Port, followed by hundreds of tiny boats, and then they returned to paint the red, white, and blue of the French flag. Following a 12-day journey from Greece, where the flame was ignited in ancient Olympia on April 16, fireworks burst into the sky as the Belem docked. Florent Manaudou, an Olympic swimmer who won a gold medal, carried the flame from the ship’s deck.

Community engagement

Manaudou gave it to sprinter Nantenin Keita, the Paralympic winner, who then gave it to French rapper Jul to burn a cauldron. There’s no reason why the race of the policeman who shot and killed a French teenager during a traffic check should be made public. In France, race is not recognized officially. However, the murder of the 17-year-old French-born North African-American kid, which sparked rioting in the streets, has once more brought to light the country’s hidden emotions about institutional racism under the veneer of colorblind equality. President Emmanuel Macron is there as Florent Manaudou, the Frenchman who won the 50-meter freestyle swimming title at the 2012 Summer Olympics, delivers the torch to land just after 1730 GMT. Approximately 6,000 law enforcement personnel are protecting the area.

Inspiring future generations

Snipers from special troops and police canine teams have also been sent out. The amount of security is unparalleled, according to Gerald Darmanin, the interior minister. “Life in Marseilles carries on, albeit with heightened security.” The person in charge of ceremonies for Paris 2024, Thierry Reboul, stated, “We conceived this event as a ceremony, the fifth of the Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics (on top of the opening and closing ceremonies).” “Meille is the perfect place to make memories.” “It was the obvious choice,” said Tony Estanguet, the head of the organizing committee for Paris 2024, of Marseille, which was established by Greek immigrants from Phocea in 600 BC. According to French doctrine, one cannot discuss race, much less racism, if it does not exist. The U.N. human rights office’s use of the term “racism” in its condemnation of French law enforcement stunned Paris Police Chief Laurent Nunez . He replied the cops had none of it.

Preparing for Paris 2024

A free rap event will thereafter take place in front of 45,000 people on a floating stage. It was a perfect Wednesday morning in France’s oldest city, with the Old Port’s backdrop of the dazzling Mediterranean sea adding to the calmness of the mild wind. Three-star chef Alexandre Mazzia and former Olympique de Marseille players Jean-Pierre Papin, Didier Drogba, and Basile Boli will carry the torch during the relay, which gets underway on Thursday. 

Before the flame reaches Paris and is placed in the Jardin des Tuileries, close to the Louvre, more than 10,000 people will participate in the torch relay.As the torch goes past dozens of tourist destinations, like the Mont Saint Michel, and more than 450 French towns and cities, intense security will be a regular feature. About 200 security personnel, including anti-drone agents and members of the SWAT squad against terrorism, will be stationed there continuously. A “spectacular” and “iconic” Olympics have been promised by the organizers, with several of the sports scheduled to take place in makeshift locations across the City of Light, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Invalides.

humanitarian violent acts of Israel :Boycott Pairs Olympics 2024

Due to humanitarian violent acts of Israel towards Palestine, Israel should be boycotted by Pairs Olympics 2024 as well as by the fans. Boycott olympics 2024 in response to French police brutality and violations of human rights in order to strongly pressure the French government to put an end to these linked concerns. Security is the main point in organizing a best event from which France is not performing well. The Paris Olympics should be boycotted due to unsafe places for visitors and racism issues. 



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