France Lobbied For 2024 Summer Olympics Hosting Rights

In the year 2024, France will be hosting the Summer Olympics in Paris. Since the day Paris was awarded hosting rights for the Games in 2017, a massive debate is circulating that France has exploited the selection process by lobbying and using certain influences. It is evident that every country aspiring to host the Olympics, Algeria, for example, made concerted efforts to secure the hosting rights for the year 2024, but ultimately Paris won the race. Questions have been raised about the selection of France being the host country. One of the major factors contributing to the accusation of France being unfairly selected for hosting the Games is the corruption allegations surrounding the Paris Olympics 2024. On the other hand, the suspected conflict of interest and favoritism in the process of awarding contracts by the organizing committee has raised eyebrows as well. Let us have a look at this dilemma in the following paragraphs from a broader perspective.

Corruption Probes Cast Doubt on Paris Olympic Bidding Process

The integrity of the bidding process and the transparency in awarding contracts became questionable when French investigators search the Paris Olympic organizers’ (i.e., International Olympics Committee) headquarters as part of investigations over alleged corruption. As well as that, they also searched the premises of the other relevant agency, Solideo, which is responsible for the Olympic infrastructure. These probes shed light on the possible embezzlement of public funds, potential conflicts of interest, and adaptation of favoritism doctrine in awarding contracts. Undoubtedly, these allegations have stained the credibility of the selection process, especially in terms of bidding, and highlighted the dire need for transparency and accountability in organizing mega sporting events.

Exploring Motives Behind France’s Bid Beyond Economic Gains

One fundamental question might be raised, “Why would France need to lobby for getting hosting rights for Summer Olympics 2024?” One might simply answer this question as “Of course, economic gains are the motives behind getting selected.” But the answer is not simple as it may seem. Let us also look at some other perspectives in this regard. From the beginning of 2015, France has experienced a significant decline in their tourism industry, due to some major incidents of terror attacks. In light of that factor, to prevent the adverse effect of terrorist attacks, the opportunity to host this global sports event is to showcase the brighter and more vibrant side of Paris to the world. On the other hand, France also wants to show to the world that it has made significant efforts to fight the menace of climate change. These motives can be linked with the possible lobbying by France in the bidding process of being selected to host the Paris Olympics 2024.

The Nexus of Corruption Allegations and Economic Motives

As mentioned above, the corruption allegations are on the top of the factors which make the selection process questionable. News headlines like, “Paris 2024 Olympics HQ searched in third consecutive Summer Games scandal” also show a grim depiction of the possible reality. In this regard, if we look at the economic impacts of the Games on France, it is possible that we can a link between the controversial selection process and the economic motives behind getting selected. Clearly, it is expected that the Paris Olympics 2024 will have a significant economic impact on France, potentially transforming it and making it stronger. As it is estimated to cost 7 billion euros and it is estimated to generate 30 billion euros for the economy. It should also be noted that substantial economic gains from such mega-sporting events are well-documented in the past. For example, in 2012 the London Games generated substantial economic activity, exceeding initial expectations, and contributing to job creation.

Examples Depicting the Potential Lobbying by France

France tried every effort to secure the hosting rights for the Summer Olympics 2024. For example, the active discussions of French President, Emmanuel Macron, with the President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, about France’s commitment to organize a successful Olympic event. On the other hand, the French government hosted lavish events like dinner at the Élysée Palace, to charm and impress IOC members. Similarly, in order to secure the contract of hosting the Games, the Paris bid committee produced exciting marketing materials in order to showcase the charm of the city. By the same token, France has made many financial commitments to the IOC to make sure that there will be no financial losses during the Olympics. Clearly, these examples of lobbying efforts depict France’s determination to secure the enormous opportunity to host the Olympic Games in 2024.

Way Forward

There is no doubt that hosting the Olympics is never without risks and challenges. While Paris has successfully got the ticket to host the 2024 Summer Olympics, concerns are on the rise about possible lobbying by France to get the hosting opportunity. In this regard, the need for careful planning, transparency, and accountability is highlighted by the ongoing corruption investigations and the potential risks associated with the Games. The impact of the Olympics can be substantial, but it is essential to manage the event effectively to ensure a positive and lasting legacy for Paris and the rest of France. Undoubtedly, it is now the duty of France to take necessary actions to avoid imminent threats of a boycott of the Paris Olympics 2024.



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