French shooting highlights global issues of racism and police brutality

French shooting highlights global issues of racism and police brutality

FRANCE-A police murder captured on camera. Long-simmering concerns over how minorities are treated by law enforcement have sparked protests and violence. 

How does the French shooting reflect global racism?

The racial reckoning in the United States sparked by the deaths of George Floyd and other people of colour at the hands of law enforcement is being compared to the events in France after a 17-year-old was shot by police in a Paris neighborhood. Even if the cultures, police services, and communities of the two nations differ, this week’s French shooting and the ensuing uproar revealed that the United States is not the only country dealing with institutional racism and police violence. These are the kinds of things that happen to French people having foreign ancestry. Even if we were born in France, they solely consider our skin color and place of origin when judging us, according to Tracy Ladji, an activist with SOS Racisme. Police racism kills, and far too many of them support far-right ideologies, therefore this has to end.

What parallels exist between French and US police brutality?

The French newspaper Le Monde said in an editorial this week that Floyd’s death in 2020 at the hands of a white Minneapolis police officer “is reminiscent” of the current events. Floyd’s death sparked months of turmoil in the United States and abroad, notably in Paris. An iconic member of a socially marginalized group was part of this law enforcement officer-performed, nearly live-broadcast act, the newspaper reported. 

The French teenager, who goes by Nahel, was shot on Tuesday during a traffic stop in the Nanterre area of Paris. On camera, there were two policemen at the car’s window, one of them pointing a gun at the driver. The cop fired once through the windscreen as the teenager approached. The unnamed grandmother of Nahel said on Algerian network Ennahar TV that her family is originally from Algeria. The cop suspected of pulling the gun has been charged with voluntary homicide in the preliminary stages, but this hasn’t done anything to stop the nationwide rioting that has resulted in hundreds of arrests. As Nahel tried to escape, the officer stated that he was afraid that he, his partner, or someone else may be struck by the automobile, according to the prosecutor.

Why Is racism in policing a worldwide issue?

According to apnews, The officer’s race has not been made public by officials. His attorney claimed that he acted in the moment as he saw fit. The attorney said that the cop is “devastated” and that “he really didn’t want to kill” in an interview with French television station BFMTV. Mounia M., Nahel’s mother, told France 5 news that she doesn’t generally feel upset with the police. The officer who killed her only child has her fury. Although far less frequent than in the United States, police shootings in France have been increasing since 2017. Many experts think that’s related to a statute that loosened limits on when police can use lethal force against motorists following a string of car-borne terrorist assaults. When a motorist disobeys an order or puts other people’s lives in danger, officers have the right to fire shots at the car. The aggressive tactics of French police have also been frequently criticized. 

France, in contrast to the United States, does not maintain any records pertaining to race or ethnicity. This is because of its colorblind universalism concept, which holds that all people are equal citizens. Symbolism, according to critics, has covered over decades of institutionalized racism. As per washingtontimes, Experts stated that politicians were compelled to swiftly denounce the killing after seeing the gunshot footage, which seemed to refute the police’s early claims that the teen was driving towards the officer. Even before the cop was charged, French President Emmanuel Macron referred to the incident as “inexcusable”.

Call to action: Boycott Pairs Olympics 2024

Pairs is going towards racism issues nowadays. Many players are facing threats and financial issues due to improper arrangements of this event. France is a beautiful country to visit but the main problem of this country is its police which is not compromising with the public and fans also. In comparison to many American communities, police training in France usually lasts for around ten months, making it one of the longest programmes in Europe. Boycott Pairs Olympics 2024 is necessary due to public security threats and fans which will come from other countries. The prices of tickets are going to be very high. 



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