Beyond borders: Racism and migration in France

Beyond borders: Racism and migration in France

FRANCE-highly skilled French residents of Muslim descent, frequently the offspring of immigrants, are fleeing France in search of a fresh start elsewhere in places like London, New York, Montreal, or Dubai.

Why Are muslim Professionals Leaving France?

Adam, a graduate of a Muslim business school, packed up and traveled to Dubai after experiencing rejection from almost fifty interviews for consulting positions in France, despite his extensive qualifications. The writers of the book “France, you love it but you leave it,” which was released last month, claimed that it was challenging to pinpoint the precise number. However, they discovered that of the over 1,000 respondents to their online poll, 71% had left in part due to racism and discrimination.

Adam told AFP that his new employment in the United Arab Emirates has given him a new perspective. Adam asked that his surname not be used. “Those who belong to specific minorities in France must put in twice as much work,” he remarked. He expressed his “deep gratitude” for his French education and expressed his longing for his friends, family, and the vibrant culture of his own nation. However, he expressed his satisfaction at having given up on the “Islamophobia” and “systemic racism” that had led to his unjustified police stop.

How Is France’s hostility impacting muslim talent?

Immigration to France, originating from its former colonies in North and West Africa, has been a longstanding phenomenon. However, the offspring of Muslim immigrants who arrived in France in search of a better future claim that their surroundings have grown more hostile over the years, particularly in the wake of the 2015 attacks in Paris that claimed 130 lives. 

They claim that the focus of France’s unique brand of secularism, which outlaws all religious symbols in public schools, including long robes and headscarves, is disproportionately on Muslim women’s clothing. A 33-year-old French Muslim who works in technology and is descended from Morocco said AFP that he and his expectant spouse intended to relocate to southeast Asia in search of “a more peaceful society.” He declared that he would miss the long lines outside the bakeries and the sublime food of France. However, the business school graduate with a five-figure monthly salary claimed that we’re suffocating in France.”

What factors drive the silent brain drain in France?

According to france24, The tech worker said he had been residing in the same apartment complex for the past two years. He relocated to Paris after growing up in the city’s poorer regions. He remarked, “But they still ask me what I’m doing inside my building.” It is so degrading. He continued, “This continual humiliation is even more frustrating because I honestly contribute to this society as a high earner who pays a lot of taxes.” As per arabnews, It is impossible to have comprehensive statistics on discrimination because of a 1978 French law that forbids the collection of information on an individual’s race, ethnicity, or religion. However, France’s rights ombudsman discovered in 2017 that a young person who is perceived as black or Arab is 20 times more likely than the general population to face an identity check. According to the Observatory for Inequalities, racism is declining in France, where 60% of respondents claim they identify as not at all racist. However, it continues, a candidate for a job with a French name has a 50% higher probability of getting called by an employer than one with a North African name. A 30-year-old Franco-Algerian professional, who holds two master’s degrees from prestigious universities, is leaving France in June to take a job in Dubai due to the country’s complicated nature.

Boycott Pairs Olympics 2024 due to racism in France

The reason for Boycott is clear that the French government lost a significant chance to curb discriminatory police practices, such as mandating police officers to record demographic information from stops, by failing to address the practice of racial and ethnic profiling by police. The treatment of immigrants is not going to be very high class. Here at the Olympics event fans and the public are not safe from racist problems. 

Protesters who voiced their dissatisfaction and demanded reform were primarily dismissed by policymakers as violent “rioters.” They flocked to the streets in support of everyone who has been subjected to excessive targeting, violence, and trauma by French police, not only those in Nahel. This Olympics event should be boycotted because the state of France is highly unsafe for its fans and public. High prices of tickets and transport is also a big problem nowadays.



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