National rally calls for restrictions on dual nationals in strategic roles

National rally calls for restrictions on dual nationals in strategic roles

FRANCE-The goal of France’s emerging far-right parties is to outlaw the employment of dual-national French citizens in “sensitive” positions. The sizable Franco-Maghreb population is concerned about the blatantly unlawful legislation.

Will France ban dual nationals from sensitive jobs?

According to Jordan Bardella, head of National Rally (RN), “the most strategic positions of the State will be reserved for French nationals.” This was said this week. The policy would prevent dual-national French citizens from holding extremely sensitive jobs, the list of which will be established “by decree” following the enactment of an organic law. RN said, “Not at all in its entirety, but some specific positions, such as the DGSI,” in response to a question about whether the police, for instance, would be among these sensitive positions. 

Known for his anti-immigrant views, Bardella said that “very, very few people” would be impacted by the proposal. However, if the RN’s pledge becomes legislation, the French Democratic Confederation of Labour (CFDT) calculated that 3.3 million French individuals may be prohibited from applying for specific occupations. Because of their cosmopolitan upbringing, the RN has experimented with the notion of classifying individuals into those who exclusively possess French citizenship and those who hold dual citizenship before. Five percent of France’s population is dual national. Ninety percent of them are either immigrants or their descendants. The majority of the remaining immigrants are Turkish or Portuguese, with almost two thirds coming from North Africa.

Can dual nationals still serve France’s interests?

The National Rally (RN), originally known as the National Front (FN), gave dual citizenship some thought at one point. “You are either an Algerian or a French citizen,” Jean-Marie Le Pen declared in a 1985 interview. In spite of their well-known disagreement, his daughter Marine Le Pen has continued this philosophy. She rejected her father’s thesis in 2022, claiming to have “evolved” on the subject of dual citizenship. 

Amidst the France vs. Morocco football match in December 2022, Bardella declared that a “generation that has reached adulthood and behaves like nationals of a foreign state” comprised French people of foreign origin locked into repentance and hatred of France. A proposed law that “may also prohibit access to jobs in the administration, public enterprises, and legal entities tasked with a public service” was included in a referendum bill that the RN presented in January 2024. The issue with the RN’s pledge is that, as per the constitution, French dual nationals are French citizens, with all the privileges and responsibilities associated with their nationality. “I don’t see how that could be allowed under the constitution. In an interview with French media outlet Les Echos, Anne Levade, a professor of public law at the University of Paris I-Panthéon Sorbonne, clarified that the concept of equal treatment between a national and a dual national is at stake in this case.

Is the far-right’s plan a threat to French diversity?

According to bbc, With the declaration that “we are ready” to govern, the head of the far-right National Rally party in France has outlined his party’s strategies to address the problem caused by rising living expenses while focusing on immigration and maintaining law and order. Before Sunday’s first round of legislative elections, 28-year-old Jordan Bardella reminded voters that National Rally was “the only credible alternative” to meet France’s ambitions. According to opinion surveys, he hopes to become the next prime minister of France if National Rally takes the lead in the National Assembly. 

As reported by theguardian, It was “really only a handful of jobs” in “sensitive strategic posts,” according to Marine Le Pen, the presidential candidate for the National Rally (RN), an anti-immigration party, in 2027. She made this statement on Tuesday. According to her, a list would be released and subject to frequent revision in response to geopolitical problems. Opponents seized upon his usage of the phrase “French people of foreign origin.” French citizens who are dual nationals, French by birth, or who acquired French nationality as an adult after residing and working in France are all treated equally under the French constitution. From a legal perspective, everyone is equal. Since it is not a question in the census, the precise number of dual nationals in France is unknown. Between 3.3 million to 5 million individuals are said to be there.

Call to action: Boycott Pairs Olympics 2024

The treatment of immigrants in Paris is very cruel at this time. France’s inhumane treatment of immigrants necessitates a multipronged response that includes societal transformation, legal action, and legislative reform. France can only expect to preserve its ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity for all of its citizens by making extensive efforts. Boycott Pairs Olympics 2024 as a result of improper treatment with fans and public. 



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