Paris Olympics Security Concerns: "France Not Ready To Host Olympics 24"

Paris Olympics Security Concerns: France Not Ready To Host Olympics 24

While the days are coming closer to when Paris will be hosting the Summer Olympics in 2024, recent polling and statements from security protocol officials have shown that there are significant concerns over the security of the Olympics in Paris. The Elabe polling agency conducted a survey that found that over 60 percent of French citizens fear that the government won’t be able to provide reliable security during the Games. Among major concerns posed by French citizens, security and transportation are the main areas of concern which are raised by 63 and 58 percent of the population respectively. 

Challenges and Measures for Hosting the Olympics in France after a Century

It has been observed that the lack of experience in hosting such a large-scale sporting event in France in the past 100 years is one of the main reasons for these concerns. This factor can be verified by the police officials’ statements regarding security measures. For instance, the Olympics will be complicated to secure due to the unprecedented nature of the event, according to the Paris’ prefect of police. On the other hand, there is a variety of different locations that will be used to host the Games. For example, the Grand Palais, Champ-de-Mars, Eiffel Tower area, Place de la Concorde, and Parc des Princes are all new venues for the Games in France and need robust security measures for the Olympic Games.

Assessing the French Public’s Perception of the Paris Olympics 2024

Despite the security plans being ready including the installation of artificial intelligence (AI) based video surveillance, and the operational phase will begin in September, it does not mean that the French population will be less worried. This factor has been officially acknowledged by Nuñez. In the past, the city experienced mismanagement during the final of the European soccer competition, which resulted in massive chaos, and a subsequent investigation into police handling, which adds to the apprehension about security during the Olympics in the coming year. The preparedness claimed by security officials might provide comfort to some people, but the majority of the population seems worried, as polling suggests around 48 percent of people are indifferent, and 32 percent are skeptical about the Paris Olympics 2024. However, only 20 percent of the population express enthusiasm about the event. 

Challenge in Addressing Security Concerns for the Paris Olympics 2024

Nevertheless, Nuñez has claimed that lessons have been learned from past events like Bastille Day and New Year’s Eve. He further asserted that crowd control measures have been improved over time. However, people are still skeptical about real-time security management by security forces. Moreover, they are worried about whether the lessons learned in the past will be enough to handle the enormous number of audiences that will be present during the Olympics, especially during the Opening Ceremony, where around 600,000 people will be hosted at the riverbanks as delegations will be traveling down the River Seine on boats. As these events are highly anticipated, they showcase the massive potential security risks.

Ensuring Smooth Transportation for Paris Olympics 2024

The other major challenge that Paris has to face while hosting the Olympics is providing smooth transportation to the spectators of the event, which would include foreigners and athletes. The poll suggests that 58 percent of respondents expressed their worries regarding transportation services. Considering the scale of the event and the dense urban setting, the arrangement of transporting athletes along with officials, and spectators to and from different venues around the city will indisputably be a challenging task. 

Mitigating Concerns for a Memorable Paris Summer Olympics 2024

As the 26th of July 2024, the Paris Summer Olympics Games starts, draws nearer, it is crucial for the French government to resolve and mitigate the security concerns efficiently and effectively. Public confidence is very important for the success of the event. In this regard, the government must demonstrate its ability to ensure security during the Games. Robust measures and a pragmatic approach are needed to ensure that the Olympics are memorable for adequate reasons. They are not for security incidents or logistical mishaps but for exceptional sportsmanship and cultural celebration.

To sum-up

All in all, the results of polls coupled with statements by security officials suggest that there are severe security concerns related to the hosting of the Paris Olympics 2024. Undoubtedly, the past incidents of mismanagement, along with the lack of experience in hosting such mega sporting events have amplified these concerns of the public. Despite the positive assurances regarding security plans, it is important for the French government to display efficient and effective security mechanisms to develop the confidence and trust of the stakeholders, including the French population and the international community. On the other hand, the other major responsibility lies on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to stay impartial in taking corrective actions regarding the management of the Olympic and Paralympic games. The possibility of calling the Paris Olympics 2024 a “celebration of sports” would only be possible if these security issues are mitigated and resolved in true letter and spirit. Similarly, it would be significant for establishing the shining history of the Paris Games, particularly the France Olympics.



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