Understanding Public Perceptions: Racism In France According to Pew Research Center

Understanding Public Perceptions: Racism In France According to Pew Research Center

Approximately 80% of Americans and at least 2/3 of those in the UK, Germany, and France concur that there is significant or some prejudice against Muslims in their societies. Significantly more people than Jews report prejudice against Muslims in every nation bar Germany. Jews face discrimination in Germany, according to 64% of the country’s population, while 66% of Americans feel the same way. Less French (50%) and Britons (58%) concur. In each of the four nations, a smaller percentage of people feel that Christians face prejudice in their society than do Jews or Muslims. Yet Americans remain unique 47% report seeing frequent or severe prejudice against Christians. Only around three out of ten people in the UK, France, and Germany agree. About half (49%) of Germans believe that there is no prejudice at all against Christians in their community.

Racism in France

In France, 37% of National Rally members believe that Christians face discrimination, while 23% of people think negatively of the movement. Supporters of La France Insoumise, a left-wing populist party, are less inclined to agree that Christians face prejudice in society. On the other hand, those who support the three right-wing populist parties that were questioned about in the study are less likely than those who do not to believe that Muslims face significant or no prejudice in their community. A similar proportion of those who back the left-wing populist group La France Insoumise in France claim that Muslims face prejudice in their community. There is a rift among French people, with almost equal numbers expressing either viewpoint. Age differences in opinions are striking: those between the ages of 18 and 29 are far more likely than those 65 and older to believe that discrimination against racial and ethnic minorities goes unnoticed is a greater issue for their nation. Every nation studied had such double-digit age differences, with France having the biggest disparity. 

Pew Research Center’s Polls on Racism in France

In France, those who think positively about the left-wing populist group La France Insoumise are more likely than those who think negatively about the party to believe that hidden prejudice is the greater issue facing their nation. The French left and right do not significantly differ from one another, but those in the ideological center are less inclined than those on the ideological left to believe that people should use caution while speaking to prevent upsetting others. Regarding individual sentiments of pride, guilt, or both for their nation, the public is divided. The assaults provoked discussion about France’s handling of its 5 million Muslims among journalists, governmental authorities, and regular individuals. It also raised concerns about the lack of integration and radicalization potential in the largest Muslim population in Europe. Furthermore, the poll indicated that popular perception of Muslims has not changed and has even grown more favorable.

Public Perceptions

A greater proportion of French citizens had highly positive views for the organization. The percentage of respondents who now hold a very positive opinion of Muslims is higher than it was a year ago, rising from 14% to 25%. Although the political left in France tends to perceive Muslims more favorably than the right, sentiments toward the minority group have improved regardless of ideological affiliation. Over 120 “Islamophobic” incidents, including 30 attacks against houses of worship, were recorded by the Collective Against Islamophobia in France in the three weeks that followed the Islamist militants’ massacre at a Jewish grocery and the satirical Charlie Hebdo. According to a different research that was mentioned in the Global Observatory article, there is a fundamental prejudice against Muslims in France that is only expected to grow as the number of Muslims in the country rises. This might lead to more Muslims leaving French society. 

Taking a Stand: Boycott of Paris Olympics 2024 Is Necessary

Despite the comprehensive statistics provided by the Pew Research Center indicating prevalent racism in France, the main problem remains deeply entrenched within French society. Given the pervasive nature of racism, it is imperative for supporters and fans to boycott the Paris Olympics 2024. The safety and well-being of athletes and attendees cannot be guaranteed in an environment where discrimination and prejudice persist. Despite claims that racism is not a significant issue, numerous reports and studies highlight the contrary, underscoring the urgent need for action and accountability. Until concrete steps are taken to address and eradicate racism in France, participation in major events such as the Olympics should be reconsidered to uphold principles of equality and fairness.


In conclusion, despite the general consensus that racism is not a significant problem in France, some observers have labeled racism as a severe societal issue facing French society. Prejudice against ethnic Muslims and other non-Christian groups has a long history, as has antisemitism. Reports have surfaced of acts committed against members of local minority groups, such as Asians, Berbers, Jews, and Arabs. 



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