Examining Anti-White Racism In France: Unpacking A Controversial Phenomenon

Examining Anti-White Racism In France: Unpacking A Controversial Phenomenon

On French Twitter, the ridiculous phrase “Hang the Whites” was trending. Nick Conrad, an unknown black rapper, released a controversial song called PLB, which is French for “Hang the Whites.” This song was what made this horrifying shout well known. The song’s similarly daring music video, wherein Conrad and a companion kidnap, pursue, torture, and brutally kill a white guy, was momentarily removed from YouTube following public criticism. The startling lyrics of the song seem to support “hanging of their parents” and “killing of white babies.”

Manifestations of Anti-White Racism

The head of France’s far-right Rassemblement National Party (National Rally), Marine Le Pen, criticized Conrad’s film, calling it “an anti-white racism that no self-proclaimed expert or media person speaks of.” Additionally, Interior Minister Gerard Collomb tweeted that he “condemned these abject remarks and ignominious attacks.” 

The prosecutor’s office in Paris declared that it has opened an inquiry to ascertain if Conrad’s video incites criminal activity.  A scenario from the 1998 Hollywood film American History X, in which a black man was similarly slain by Neo-Nazis, in the video clip where he tortures and kills a white guy. With the line “Black History X, it is the beginning,” he even made a reference to the film in the lyrics. On Twitter, a number of individuals defended Conrad, saying that this wasn’t a “racist” song advocating for murder but rather a provocative effort by the artist to draw attention to the very real bigotry that black people have long been subjected to. 

Debates and Controversies

Eric Zemmour, a controversial right-wing journalist who has been found guilty twice of inciting racial hate, gave the main speech at the function. His angry tirade was directed against a new peril that French whiteness was purportedly facing: the war on the heterosexual white guy. Without a trace of irony, Zemmour asserted in his speech, which swiftly gained popularity in francophone far-right circles, that Muslims, feminists, LGBTQ activists, and every other marginalized group in the nation are all involved in a massive plot to “exterminate the heterosexual white male”. 

A culture of white supremacy is the root cause of the racist incidents that have plagued European football in recent years, retired French footballer Lilian Thuram stated in an interview with Italian national sports newspaper Corriere Dello Sport, just days after black Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku was the target of monkey chants during a game between Inter Milan and Cagliari in Sardinia.

Intersectionality and Nuanced Perspectives

Suddenly, the most well-known social and political analysts in the nation were focused on racism in sports. But nobody was talking about black athletes getting tossed bananas or becoming the target of racist taunts. 

Furthermore, nobody was discussing the ongoing verbal harassment and trolling they face on social media due to the color of their skin. Rather, the whole nation was discussing the purported hardships that white people were subjected to at the hands of black people in general and black anti-racism campaigners in particular. Some even went so far as to claim that racism in football really affects white people. For instance, well-known football analyst and TV personality Pierre Menes publicly said that he thought anti-white racism was the primary issue facing the game. 

Promoting Equality and Understanding

In France, which calls itself “a colourblind country”, talking about race is forbidden. As a result, a sizable segment of the French white population is unaccustomed to candid discussions on race and racism. When compelled to address the topic, they deftly shift the conversation from racism itself to the pain they experience when a black person speaks out about the presence and ubiquity of white supremacy in France and elsewhere. Of course, racism that is anti-White does not exist. 

Boycott Paris Olympics 2024: Challenging Systemic Racism in France

The call to boycott the Paris Olympics 2024 is rooted in the recognition of the systemic racism faced by black people in France, juxtaposed against the unfounded notion of anti-white racism. In a country where whiteness historically dominates, the idea of white oppression falls flat in the face of institutionalized prejudice endured by minorities

From housing disparities to police violence, the legacy of slavery and colonization continues to perpetuate inequality. While individual instances of mistreatment should be condemned, they pale in comparison to the entrenched systems that perpetuate racial injustice. Thus, boycotting the Olympics serves as a stance against the normalization of systemic racism and a call for genuine equality and understanding.


In conclusion, A white person can still encounter hate, be the target of bullying or violence, and such acts should be condemned in this society, but they will never be able to argue that they are systematically oppressed due to their race. In France, being white is a benefit rather than a social or political disadvantage. Therefore, the mistreatment or prejudice that any one White person faces cannot be compared to the systematic and institutional racism that minorities in France endure. French whiteness is under trouble right now. It is in crisis because minority groups in France are now able to speak up about their issues and complaints in the public sphere, and they are putting pressure on the nation to hold frank and transparent discussions on racial issues.



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