Exploring Systemic Racism in France: Legal Actions and Social Impact

Exploring Systemic Racism in France: Legal Actions and Social Impact

In France, systemic racism is a prominent issue addressed through various incidents and legal actions. In recent years, France is facing systematic racism by which its roots of liberty, equality and brotherhood are affecting badly. Meanwhile the basic principles of this country is to foster unity and integration. A social examiner which takes an action very closely that some cracks are revealing in this system with the passage of time. This study is basically in depth with revealing the cracks of France’s materialistic appearance and historical background of systematic racism.

Racism in French Society

2019’s “La Haine” and “Les Misérables” explore how systematic racism affects working-class people, with a focus on the alleged racism of the French police. France has a dark past like the other European countries so to reveal its past firstly let down the historical background of this racism. 

The inheritance of bondage and establishment have deeply infected the social roots of the country. But the bias remains the same in this system. Although the state has already been found guilty of racial profiling in identification checks by French courts, the case considered by the Council of State is distinct in that improvements are being sought rather than damages. 

The groups behind the case seek better training for police, the elimination of preventative ID checks and the need that police keep records of identification checks, as well as an independent system for reporting concerns about police misconduct.

Racial Profiling

Six French and foreign organizations are claiming that non-white people, particularly young men who are thought to be black or North African, are frequently stopped in the street, asked for identity documents, and frisked without cause. France is facing legal action over this pervasive use of racial profiling. 

Systemic Racism Denial

The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) has voiced concern over the persistence and scope of racist and discriminatory practices in France, but the French government has denied that there is systemic racism in its police forces

During the mid-20th century, many people came from North and West Africa to France. These people played an important rule in the reconstruction of the state. They have to face many incorporation challenges and due to which they got a title of “banlieues”.

Discrimination in Employment

It is a big issue to keep the bigotry in the workplace while promoting equal oppurtunities. Here is a main disadvantage which leads not to allow the non-European name holders in interviews. The UN and human right organization gave an ultimatum to France to overcome the racism and racial discrimination issues of its country

Current court orders and talks dominated the racism problem in France. Air France is also deeply infected by racial discrimination due to which airline business is also not stable now. Critics claim that these ID checks, which may be harsh at times and sometimes involve the same individual being checked more than once, have the potential to permanently label young people and deteriorate relations between law enforcement and the people living in many low-income communities.

Educational Disparities

A continuous disputable agreement is between minority communities and law holders. The cruel behavior of police and racial profiling create an unbreakable wall of anger between communities. An indisputable agreement “stop and frisk” makes the people of color very disappointed. An improper behavior with customers and issue of discrimination brought a storm in social media and public turmoil, so the system has to bring itself against racism. 

Police Enforcement in France

Systematic racism in France is a main point of discussion throughout the country especially by the police enforcement of the nation. Many academic steps have been taken by the police to overcome national discrimination throughout the country. Thousands of people protested against police violence and racism. The police are involved in agreement with prejudice which is a historical through back. 

The injured party and law holders took deep steps for ending racial profiling. The purpose of this assignment is to bring great changes in the police force department. The Police forces of France are criticized by its government due to the lack of acknowledgement and conveying messages about racism. Instead of the disagreement of the French government about the failure of its police force, it is a hot topic of discussion about its failure worldwide. 

The administration has said that police are being targeted by violence more frequently but has denied that there is institutional prejudice against them.


In conclusion, despite the increasing number of ethnic minorities residing on its territory and in contrast to other European nations experiencing comparable demographic upheavals, France has upheld its declared color-blind racial relations policy. The Republican and Revolutionary traditions of treating all people equally before the law help to explain this propensity. This can be partially explained by the recollection of France’s Vichy past as well as the mainstream political class’s concerns about the National Front’s role in the resurgence of far-right politics.



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