Arab-origin citizen's home in France vandalized with racist Graffiti

Arab-origin citizen’s home in France vandalized with racist Graffiti

FRANCE-Racist graffiti, featuring Nazi swastikas, was left up on the construction site of a new mosque in Coulommiers, east of Paris, over the weekend.

Who Is behind the racist Graffiti attack in France?

A young Muslim man from North Africa rests on a wall covered in graffiti in Felix Pyat, the third and poorest neighborhood of Marseille. His shaved head and old leather jacket, together with his carelessly held cigarette, completely contradict his schooling as a biotechnology engineer who placed fifth in his class. Mohammed smirks and says, “I got fifth because I was too smart for my own good.” “I’m not intelligent enough to remember that I’m Arab, and education is useless.” A young, impoverished Muslim man from North Africa lies down on a graffiti-covered wall in Felix Pyat, Marseille’s third-poorest area. His worn-out leather jacket, shaved head, and haphazardly held cigarette all stand in stark contrast to his education as a fifth-place biotechnology engineer. “I got fifth because I was too smart for my own good,” snarky Mohammed remarks. “I’m not intelligent enough to remember that I’m Arab, and education is useless.” The mayor of Coulommiers, Franck Riester, who belongs to the conservative UMP party, acknowledged that the construction site had been targeted and strongly denounced the conduct.

How are authorities responding to racist vandalism in France?

The new mosque is anticipated to open “within a few months,” he told French media, adding that “we must work to ease tensions and to respect every citizen, regardless of religion.” Muslims currently pray in a chamber that was formerly the city’s slaughterhouse, in appalling conditions. In order to construct a new mosque, the city is leasing them the site, according to Riester. 

In the strictly secular nation of France, there is discussion around the construction of new mosques. Some far-right organizations are against public support for places of worship, despite the fact that identical procedures were previously employed to establish Christian churches. In the beginning of February, a mosque located less than 40 kilometers from Coulommiers in the village of Ozoir-la-Ferriere had two swastikas and derogatory remarks written on it in a racist manner. 2012 saw 201 anti-Muslim incidents reported by the Observatory of Islamophobia, a 28% rise from the year before.

What impact does racist Graffiti have on Arab-origin citizens in France?

As per middleeastmonito, from the Dark Ages after Rome’s fall. It was also the most powerful imperial force in Europe. Germany and France will eventually emerge from the same empire. In the crushing battle of Tours, which many Europeans consider to be the continent’s first expulsion of Islam, Charles Martel, one of France’s greatest heroes, had his moment of triumph uniting Francia against Andalusian Muslims. The fight, known somberly in Andalusian history as “the Court of Martyrs,” claimed tens of thousands of lives. It is considered “one of the decisive battles of the world,” according to historian John Henry Haaren. It concluded that Muslims should not rule Europe; Christians should. Many people agree with him. According to trtworld, However, this was just the start of France’s tale. Because of his triumph, Martel was thrown into the limelight of valor and gained great power and fame for saving Christendom from the Moors. 

After fighting several battles against the Arab Saracens and Moors, his grandson Charlemagne became the first self-proclaimed Holy Roman Emperor of Western Europe, earning him an idolatry not just in France but throughout Europe. French Muslims are frequently the focus of contentious discussions and oversimplifications that ignore the complexity of their religion and culture. Muslims in France are still frequently accused of not assimilating into French customs, culture, or ways of life. Instead, commentators, right-wing politicians, and nationalists alike characterize the essence of what it means to be French as being in jeopardy. 

Call to action: Boycott Pairs Olympics 2024

Racist graffiti, like Nazi swastikas, has appeared on a mosque construction site in Coulommiers, showing deep-rooted racism in France. With rising Islamophobia and safety concerns, it’s crucial to boycott the 2024 Paris Olympics. Stand against police brutality and privacy violations by the French government.



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