Paris nightclubs accused of racially discriminatory pricing practices

Paris nightclubs accused of racially discriminatory pricing practices

PAIRS-White patrons at two well-known clubs can pay up to ten times less for admission, according to the French NGO SOS Racisme.

Are Paris nightclubs practicing racial pricing?

According to a recent discrimination test, two well-known Parisian nightclubs charge varying fees based on the skin color of its patrons. The French daily Mediapart first made this discovery. Mediapart journalists were present at two popular nightclubs in the affluent 16th arrondissement of the French capital, L’aQuarium, which is adjacent to the Trocadero, and L’Arc Paris, which is near the Champs-Elysees, for a testing operation that was arranged by the non-governmental organization SOS Racisme last Friday. 

As a result, these clubs have pricing that are “much higher for racialized people” and “according to whether you like the look of the customer.”  In order to conduct this testing, the NGO invited three comparable groups, two men and one woman, each of the same age range, and dressed in a way that complied with the clubs’ policies to request admission without making a reservation. Persons who were thought to be from North Africa made up the first test group; persons who were thought to be from sub-Saharan Africa made up the second test group; and solely white people made up the third test group, which served as the control group.

Why do Paris clubs charge more for Arabs and Blacks?

The findings indicate that none of the two businesses ever explicitly denies customers admittance; instead, admission is granted only if a bottle or a table is purchased for a sum far more than the entry fee. 

The sub-Saharan group had to pay €180 twice for entry into L’aQuarium, but white persons just had to pay €25, according to Mediapart. Those who claimed to be of North African descent had to pay €800 to enter L’Arc Paris, whereas white men and women just had to pay €50 and €30, respectively. The Black group had to pay €500 in order to get in. This just serves to highlight the prejudice and disparity in treatment that exists between Black and Arab individuals, or those who will be viewed as such, and White individuals. And this demonstrates how prejudices conscious or unconscious remain in effect.

How are nightclub prices discriminatory in Paris?

As reported by middleeasteye, During a testing operation in 2023, SOS Racisme had previously discovered the two nightclubs, and two complaints had been made. Notwithstanding testimony and recordings from covert cameras, the prosecution nevertheless declared the evidence “not sufficient” and terminated the L’Arc Paris case. In criminal justice matters, “there is almost no conviction for racial discrimination,” despite the fact that the 2017 French law pertaining to equality and citizenship enshrines the principle that the outcomes of testing operations can be used before civil courts. This is according to the president of SOS Racisme. When Mediapart contacted the operators of the two nightclubs, they acknowledged that they screen patrons based on their purported socioeconomic status but denied any discrimination. According to arabnews, When Mediapart contacted the operators of the two nightclubs, they acknowledged that they screen patrons based on their purported socioeconomic status but denied any discrimination. 

Persistent systemic racism and religious discrimination continued, targeting Muslim women and girls in particular. Racial profiling persisted unchecked. Protest limitations that were too onerous and police brutality persisted. Following the death of a 17-year-old teenager of Algerian heritage at a traffic check by police, there were widespread demonstrations and rioting. There were several reports of violent attacks and graffiti that was anti-LGBTQ, xenophobic and racist. Parliament approved contentious new rules that imposed discriminatory limitations on immigration, nationality, and asylum as well as allowing law enforcement to utilize mass video surveillance technologies.

Boycott Pairs Olympics 2024 due to human rights violation

Human rights violations and racism issues are increasing day by day in Paris. Everybody knows the Olympics 2024 event is almost going to start. In this phase of Humiliation the boycott of this event is going to be very necessary because the government of France is not taking interest to make things in a better way. 

The Council of State, the highest administrative body in France, agreed that police inspections discriminate against Black and Arab men and boys, but it made no recommendations for change. Mosques, synagogues, and cemeteries were the targets of racist attacks all year long; these attacks frequently included racial slogans and images endorsing radical political organizations. There were further attacks reported following the uptick in violence between Israel and the occupied Gaza, with antisemitic and Nazi symbols being painted on walls and in schools.



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