France on the brink: A socialist's urgent appeal to confront fascism

France on the brink: A socialist’s urgent appeal to confront fascism

FRANCE-According to French media sources, President Emmanuel Macron might declare an emergency and suspend the legislature by using Article 16 of the constitution.

What drives France’s fascist resurgence?

Authoritarian forces are not limited to far-right groups such as the National Rally of France (RN). The whole capitalist elite is discussing a return to dictatorship because they are anxious to intensify both the domestic class conflict and the confrontation with Russia. If workers are subject to social-democratic and pseudo-left groups, like the New Popular Front in France, which advocates for war with Russia, they will not be able to combat these challenges. Macron’s threat to dissolve the legislature shows how hollow and insolvent the New Popular Front’s promise to defeat Macron and the RN at the polls in order to gain a legislative majority and establish a new capitalist administration is. While far-right CNews station argues it could be required “if no party obtains a majority after the elections,” Europe1 radio host expresses his worry of “excesses” amid protests following the July 7 election. Whatever the rationale, Macron’s attempt to usurp power by the banks’ divine right would be unlawful if Article 16 were to be used.

Can socialism counter the far-right?

Le Pen lacks a robust nationwide network of party activists, and the parliamentary elections operate in a completely different manner. Still, there is a genuine risk. There are now 89 members of Le Pen’s lower house party. To have an overall majority, 289 seats are required. Macron and his close allies now hold 249 seats, and his administration has had to compromise with other parties to pass each law. Macron is anticipated to lose a significant number of seats and the RN to gain a significant number following the collapse of his vote in the European elections (dropping from 22% to 14%). 

The serious issue facing the Republicans, the traditional conservative party, may also be advantageous to RNs. Macron would name Jordan Bardella as prime minister if the RN were to overtake all other parties in the parliament. This would lead to disaster. The RN would instantly control the police and the economy as they were the government. Its reputation would increase significantly, as would its capacity to harm employees, immigrants, LGBT individuals, and others. Meanwhile, green initiatives and laws would be severely scaled back. According to Macron, he is in favour of “the extremism of the left and of the right.” He refers to the France Insoumise (France in Revolt) group, which has 75 MPs and has done a fantastic job of raising awareness of the issue of the genocide in Gaza, arguing that taxes on the wealthy are feasible, opposing anti-Muslim racism, and defending the necessity of improving working class lives in all contexts. 

How can France’s left unite against Fascism?

According to socialistworker, It seems probable that it would receive more than 30 percent based on polling and electoral history, and that is exactly what transpired. When President Emmanuel Macron announced a general election and people believed they may be voted to office, that’s what really sparked an enormous response. What’s really happening is that fascist election victories instill confidence in the local thugs who are the precursors of the fascist street army. It’s already visible to us. Migrants, transgender individuals, and trade unionists have been targeted by far-right and fascist organizations in Paris, Lyon, and Montpellier. These fascist organizations remain tiny. However, they are expanding. As per counterfire, Macron hopes that voters will choose his MPs “to stop the far right” one more time. 

However, he has been saying for eight years that he is preventing the far right, and in that time, millions more votes have been cast for Le Pen and other Nazis. There are two rounds to these elections, which are for 577 seats. If a candidate receives more than 50% of the vote in the first round, they can win the election hands-down. If not, the two best scores in each constituency go to the second round run-off, with the occasional third candidate who received a score higher than 12.5% and desires to continue competing. The likelihood of a second round that opposes just the right and the far right is significantly higher in a municipality where there are many left-leaning candidates.

Call to action: Boycott Pairs Olympics 2024

The issue of racism is now towards election 2024. Racism is the worst side of France because it involves the immigrants and the public also. Fans and public who are dying for this event are also the target of polic’s brutality. Boycott Pairs Olympics 2024 so that the peace of the state can be maintained. 



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