Massive protests erupt across France against far-right ahead of snap elections

Massive protests erupt across France against far-right ahead of snap elections

FRANCE-Amidst intense campaigning ahead of early legislative elections, anti-racism organizations joined French unions and a newly formed left-wing alliance in protesting the far-right nationalist movement that is on the rise throughout the country.

Why are hundreds of thousands protesting in France?

According to France’s interior ministry, officials expected between 300,000 and 500,000 protestors nationwide on Saturday, with some 21,000 police and gendarmes stationed at demonstrations. Before marching, many in Paris who were afraid that the elections might result in the formation of the country’s first far-right administration since World War II assembled at the Place de la Republique. Ever since the National Rally (RN), which opposes immigration, achieved record victories in last Sunday’s European Parliament elections, crowds have been assembling throughout France on a daily basis. Macron was motivated by this to dissolve the National Assembly and announce that a hastily scheduled two-round parliamentary election will take place on June 30 and July 7. 

Despite the wet and windy conditions on Saturday, a sizable gathering of people showed up with signs that included, “Let’s break frontiers, documents for all, no to the immigration bill,” and “Liberty for all, Equality for all and Fraternity with all,” which is a reference to France’s national motto. Hard-left CGT union spokeswoman Sophie Binet told reporters, speaking from Place de Republique, “We are marching because we are really frightened Jordan Bardella may become the next prime minister. Our goal is to avert this catastrophe.

What Is driving the anti-far-right protests in France?

Some of the demonstrators in Paris also wore Palestinian keffiyeh scarves and shouted, “Free Palestine, viva Palestina.” Among them was Nour Cekar, a sixteen-year-old high school girl who wears the hijab and whose parents are from Algeria and France. “I believe that the extreme right poses a threat because it upholds a fear-based ideology, even though we are all French citizens regardless of our differences,” the woman stated. With renewed confidence following the far-right French victories in the European elections, the roughly thirty-odd people marched through the winding alleyways of Lyon’s historic old town. 

They chanted, “We are fucking Nazis” and “Islam out of Europe,” as they made their way past the secret tunnels that served as cover for the resistance during World War II, masks concealing their faces. The far-right rally that took place in this French city last week and was caught on camera served as a sobering reminder to some of the stakes in the upcoming snap legislative elections, which may see the French far-right gain control of government.

Who are the Key figures in France’s far-right movement?

According to radiohc, According to polls, the far-right National Rally (RN), which opposes immigration, is expected to win but not secure a majority. In his office at the institute, which is situated in the leafy suburbs of the city, Kabtane stated, “We’re up against those who object to our very presence in this country.” “And they’ll exert every effort to make our lives miserable.” With an estimated 6 million Muslims or those of Muslim descent, France is home to one of the biggest Muslim communities in Europe. 

With families that have been blending French and Muslim customs for up to five generations, the group is also among the oldest in Europe. As per guardian, Full of racist, homophobic, and antisemitic ideas, the party was long viewed as a threat to democracy. Even though Marine Le Pen, the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, has dedicated much of the last 10 years to improving the party’s reputation, RN’s animosity against immigrants in general and Muslims in particular continues to be the party’s defining characteristic. 

The organization has advocated for the outlawing of ritual slaughter, which would effectively forbid the consumption of halal and kosher meat. In addition, Marine Le Pen was tried and found not guilty of inciting religious hate in 2015 following her comparison of Muslims praying on a street in 2010 to the Nazi occupation. As part of the party’s ongoing attack on “political Islam,” Bardella recently called it a menace that aims to “conquer” France and “impose its own prohibitions” on its citizens.

Boycott Pairs Olympics 2024 due to human rights violations

Among these elections, the battle is going towards a war. The Paris Olympics 2024 is not safe in this situation. Muslim community was treated very badly at that time. Human rights violations are very common these days so fans and the public should boycott this event. Although the elections are not also safe.  



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