French muslim professionals fleeing discrimination in brain drain

French muslim professionals fleeing discrimination in brain drain

FRANCE-A “brain drain” of highly skilled French residents of Muslim ancestry is discreetly occurring as they look for work overseas in places like Dubai, New York, and London on May 20, 2024. The report stated that a recent survey revealed that 71% of the more than 1,000 respondents departed France as a result of encounters with racism and prejudice. The French descendants of Muslim immigrants describe living in a more hostile atmosphere, with Muslim women being disproportionately affected by laws such as the one prohibiting the wearing of religious symbols in public schools.

Is Discrimination Driving Muslim Talent Away?

 Those who are perceived as black or Arab are 20 times more likely to be subjected to identification checks, while job candidates whose names sound North African are 50% less likely to get called in. With the political move to the right and the glass ceiling, many French Muslims believe they are being treated like second-class citizens within their own nation. Adam, a graduate of a Muslim business school, packed up and traveled to Dubai after experiencing rejection from almost fifty interviews for consulting positions in France, despite his extensive qualifications. 

Compared to France, I feel much better here, the 32-year-old North African-American woman said. “Everyone is on an equal footing. It is possible to have an Indian, Arab, or French employer,” he stated. In a discreet brain drain, highly skilled French residents of Muslim descent, frequently the offspring of immigrants, are fleeing France in search of a fresh start overseas in places like London, New York, Montreal, or Dubai. 

Why Are French Muslims Leaving?

He stated that you need to work twice as hard when you come from certain minorities in France. He stated he missed his friends, family, and the vibrant cultural life of his native France and was extremely grateful for his French education. However, he expressed his satisfaction at having given up on the Islamophobia and systemic racism that had led to his unwarranted police stops. 

Immigration to France, originating from its former colonies in North and West Africa, has been a longstanding phenomenon. However, the descendants of Muslim immigrants to France claim they have been living in a more hostile atmosphere of late, particularly since the 2015 Paris attacks by the Islamic State that claimed 130 lives. 

These immigrants came to France in search of a brighter future. They claim that the focus of France’s unique kind of secularism, which outlaws any religious symbols in public schools, including long robes and headscarves, is disproportionately on Muslim women’s clothing.

Is bias causing a muslim brain drain?

A further French Muslim, a thirty-three-year-old Moroccan-born IT worker, told AFP that he and his expectant spouse intended to relocate to “a more peaceful society” in southeast Asia. He declared that he will miss the long lines outside the bakeries and the sublime food of France. However, the business school graduate with a five-figure monthly salary claimed that we’re suffocating in France. His desire to escape this ambient gloom where TV news stations seem to single out all Muslims for blame was expressed. As per, The IT worker claimed he had been residing in the same apartment building for the past two years. He relocated to Paris after growing up in the city’s poorer regions. “But still they ask me what I’m doing inside my building,” he said. It’s so humiliating. 

This constant humiliation is even more frustrating as I contribute very honestly to this society as someone with a high income who pays a lot of taxes, he stated. Since gathering information on someone’s race, ethnicity, or religion has been prohibited by law in France since 1978, it is challenging to compile comprehensive statistics on prejudice. According to arabnews, The speaker made reference to some pundits who equated individuals from his background with radicals or troublemakers from housing estates, saying that the environment in France had seriously worsened.

Boycott Pairs Olympics 2024 due to racial issues in France

Various nations have boycotted the Games several times, either in opposition to the International Olympic Committee or in protest of racial prejudice in other competitors’ current political systems. The vanquished nations were not invited to the post-World Wars parties.  Boycott olympics 2024 in response to French police brutality and violations of human rights in order to strongly pressure the French government to put an end to these linked concerns. 

Security is the main point in organizing a best event from which France is not performing well. The Paris Olympics should be boycotted due to unsafe places for visitors and racism issues.

Protesters who voiced their dissatisfaction and demanded reform were primarily dismissed by policymakers as violent “rioters,” illustrating a system.

According to the Observatory for Inequalities, racism is reportedly on the decline in France, with 60% of respondents asserting that they do not identify as racist at all.



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