Future Of Russia In Paris Olympics 2024

Future Of Russia In Paris Olympics 2024

On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that while he was in favor of Russian athletes participating in the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, the nation should consider whether or not to send a representative if the competition is intended to depict Russian sports as “dying”.

The International Olympic Committee said last week that athletes from Belarus and Russia who make it to the Paris Games in their respective sports can compete as neutrals and don’t have to wear flags, symbols, or anthems. 

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year, for which Belarus served as a staging ground, Russians and Belarusians were briefly prohibited from participating worldwide. Putin stated at his yearly year-end news conference that although he supported Russian athletes partaking in the Games, further analysis was required to determine the implications of the nation’s neutral status for its athletes. Before the decision was made on Thursday, Ukraine’s Minister of Sport Matviy Bidnyi told the AFP news agency that Kyiv was worried the action suggested the IOC “does not want to demonstrate the necessary leadership in the matter of Olympic fairness and justice.”

President Putin’s Action

“They have been training for years… and that’s why I supported our athletes going to such competitions, but we still need to carefully analyze the conditions the IOC has put forward,” Putin stated. “If the IOC’s artificial conditions are designed to cut off the best Russian athletes and portray at the Olympics that Russian sport is dying, then you need to decide whether to go there at all,” Putin stated. 

Sports Diplomacy

According to the IOC, teams representing the two nations will not be permitted, and neutral athletes would only be able to compete in individual sports. Neither are athletes under contract with the Russian or Belarusian militaries, nor are they eligible if they actively support the conflict in Ukraine. Russia has vehemently objected to the limitations placed on its competitors, claiming that doing so would go against the Olympic ideal. Putin stated, alluding to the man who founded the Olympic movement, “everything that international officials do in relation to Russian sports is a complete contradiction and distortion of the ideas of Pierre de Coubertin.” The athletes were not allowed to compete sooner. For teams representing the two countries, this prohibition is still in effect. The IOC further stated that athletes and support staff who backed Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine ought to be barred from competition. It also reiterated its goal of helping Ukrainian athletes “in every way possible, so that the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine can field a strong team at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.”

Athletes Progress

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has approved the neutral participation of athletes from Belarus and Russia in the next games, which has angered Ukrainian officials. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the athletes were first prohibited from participating internationally; however, they have since been progressively permitted to return as neutral athletes in the majority of sports. They will not be permitted to send teams from any of the two nations to Paris; they will only be permitted to compete in individual sports. The IOC has stated that no official from the Russian or Belarusian government would be invited or credentialed for Paris 2024, but they contend that sportsmen should not be held responsible for the policies of their countries. Oleg Matytsin, Russia’s Minister of Sports, referred to the action as “discriminatory.” Over sixty athletes from Ukraine have earned spots in the Paris Olympics for the next year. Next year, there will be around 11,000 competitors competing in the games. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and other Ukrainian leaders, together with athletes, have pushed the IOC to completely ban Russia and Belarus.

Boycott Olympics Towards Pairs

Ukraine’s Minister of Youth and Sport, Matviy Bidnyi, declared that the nation will wait for the IOC’s ruling on the “arguments and appeals” and hinted that the country would not participate in the Games if Russian athletes are permitted to compete in Paris. These steps are taken due to the bad condition of Racism which has overcome France very badly.


The IOC decides Belarusians and Russians can compete as neutral athletes in the 2024 Olympics Qualifying athletes from the two nations will be permitted to compete in the Paris Games as “Individual Neutral Athletes,” according to the International Olympic Committee. The IOC received a proposal from Paris 2024 to include four new sports that are strongly linked to children and that honor both physical prowess and inventiveness. These activities include surfing, skateboarding, sport climbing, and breaking. Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, charged earlier this year that the IOC was engaging in “ethnic discrimination” through the games.



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