Opening of the Magnificent Olympic Village in Paris 2024

Opening of the Magnificent Olympic Village in Paris 2024

The Olympic Village is still a famous feature of the Games experience even after a century since it first debuted in a competition, and its history and goals are ever changing.Athletes met on the playing field during the early incarnations of the modern Olympic Games, but there was no formal arrangement in place to accommodate those who traveled to compete. That changed with the construction of the first Olympic Village for Paris in 1924

Most of the participants were housed in modest wooden huts during these Games, a short walk from the Stade Olympique de Colombes in north-west Paris, the site of several of the events. This makeshift lodging, which included a post office, bureau de change, and restaurant in addition to being useful in giving athletes a convenient place to stay, was primarily driven by the goal of uniting competitors under one roof.


Beginning on March 1, 2024, the Olympic and Paralympic Village will be turned over to Paris 2024. Construction is now underway. In addition to serving as the best possible lodging for athletes, the Village will integrate into Seine-Saint-Denis once the Games are finished and emulate the high environmental standards that Paris 2024 aims to achieve. 

During a call for tenders that began in March 2019, the several consortiums entrusted with creating the Olympic and Paralympic Village submitted their bids to SOLIDEO (the public organization responsible for providing the facilities for the Games). The idea chosen for the Village reflects the goal of making Paris 2024 a trailblazing environmental endeavor, all the while meeting the demands of the surrounding people in the long run and the requirements of athletes during the Games. 

The town will serve as the focal point of the Paris 2024 design. It is situated about 7 km north of the city center of Paris, overlapping the communes of Saint-Denis, Ile Saint-Denis, and Saint-Ouen, and less than 5 minutes from the Stade de France. Situated within a 500 m radius, the hamlet is functional and perfect for athletes because of its compactness.

Sustainable Design

The official organization in charge of overseeing the Olympics’ construction, SOLIDEO, has pledged that the Olympic Village would leave a lasting legacy in the working-class neighborhood, where 25% of people live below the poverty line. The town will be converted into a new neighborhood with enough for 6,000 people when the Games are gone. Offices, stores, schools, athletic and cultural institutions, and a 3.5-hectare park will all be located in the neighborhood. The first-ever Summer Olympics to give meticulous thought to climate change and environmental issues far in advance of the competition is Paris 2024. With its 100% reliance on renewable energy sources, zero-waste regulations, and low-carbon, environmentally friendly architecture, the Olympic Village will serve as an example for sustainable development. Throughout the competition, a fleet of zero-emission cars will travel around the hamlet. 

Modern Facilities

Paris 2024’s task in the run-up to the Games will be to oversee village development and tend to the needs of the athletes. The facilities left behind as legacy will be completed by the temporary buildings needed to meet the unique needs related to a village’s activities during the Games (logistics and operational capacities, the athletes’ restaurant, etc.). 

While some are funded and managed by nations, others are managed by sponsors of the Olympics like Visa and Samsung. Every day, hundreds of spectators spend time at these hospitality homes, which are open throughout the games. Some enthusiasts even set out to spend a few hours, an evening, or a whole day in each of these homes simply for the experience. The Paris village will host a range of events, such as a media and press center, living and dining rooms, an Olympic trip of culture and history, and entertainment and a broadcast of the games.

Boycott Paris Olympic 2024

As Paris looks in excellence according to its well prepared olympic event, it cannot be denied that its economic condition is going downward due to racism. Public transport issue is a main reason due to which fans should boycott Paris Olympics 2024. Racism is in the roots of France and there is no solution to its clearance from this country. 


The conclusion of the Games in November 2024, the operators will initiate a reversibility period. The circular economy’s tenants will be implemented through a deconstruction method that maximizes material reuse. 

In 2025, they will turn over to the locals a brand-new, environmentally conscious, and well-functioning neighborhood that will fit right into the future city. One of the most popular things to do for spectators and event coordinators during every Olympics Games is to visit the Olympic hospitality homes. The organizing committee for Paris 2024 has set out to create a new standard for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, promising to provide an event that is ambitious, spectacular, and universal, but also more inclusive, unified, sustainable, and responsible. 



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