Gérard Depardieu faces trial for alleged film set sexual assaults

Gérard Depardieu faces trial for alleged film set sexual assaults

PAIRS-Prosecutors said on Monday that French actor Gérard Depardieu will stand trial in October for allegedly sexually abusing two women on a movie set in 2021. The 75-year-old actor, who has always denied any wrongdoing, spent several hours earlier on Monday being questioned by police in Paris. After then, the actor’s attorney, Christian Saint-Palais, told reporters that he was no longer in detention but otherwise declined to comment. Following the interrogation, the Paris public prosecutor’s office announced in a statement that the actor had been “summoned to appear before the criminal court”.

Allegations surface

A trial against “two victims, on the set of the film ‘The Green Shutters,'” “for sexual assaults likely to have been committed in September 2021″ is scheduled to begin in October, according to the statement. The claimed victims’ names were left out. The 53-year-old movie decorator reportedly accused Depardieu of grabbing her and kneading her waist, stomach, and breasts while filming “Les Volets verts,” or “The Green Shutters,” according to a report published in the French newspaper Le Parisien. The woman’s attorney, Carine Durrieu Diebolt, filed the complaint with the Paris prosecutor’s office in February. 

In October of last year, Depardieu wrote an open letter declaring, “I have never, ever abused a woman.” In addition, over a dozen additional women have accused Depardieu of touching, harassing, or sexually abusing them. Actress Charlotte Arnould made accusations against him in 2020, leading to the filing of preliminary rape and sexual assault proceedings against him.

Legal action initiated

The Paris public prosecutor’s office received the file from the investigating judge on April 17 after he concluded his investigation, “to review and determine next steps in the proceeding,” the prosecutor’s office stated on Monday. In France, Depardieu was long regarded as a national hero. He has played several parts in Hollywood and served as a global ambassador for French  cinema. The most recent Depardieu episode aired during awakening in France, sparked by actress Judith Godrèche’s demand that the country’s film industry “face the truth” about sexual harassment and physical abuse. During the live broadcast of the French counterpart of the Oscars, the Cesar Awards event in February, she made that request.

Industry response

British actress and model Elizabeth Hurley and actor Gerard Depardieu are about to start filming a new thriller that will take place in Moscow and Grozny, the capital of the Russian region of Chechnya. Under special permission from President Vladimir Putin, Depardieu obtained Russian citizenship in January of last year, after his criticism of a new tax on the wealthy that was being considered in his home country of France. Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov then gifted him a lavish residence in the capital city. Hurley was spotted shopping in Moscow after revealing the news on Twitter. 

According to reports, Depardieu has committed to two films, the first of which will be titled Turquoise. That much was made clear when Kadyrov’s press secretary refuted claims that the actor would portray the late Chechen president Akhmad Kadyrov, who was Kadyrov’s father. However, the second film is supposedly about the reconstruction of Grozny following the two Chechen wars and has a Chechen subject. Kadyrov has a history of becoming close to celebrities. He welcomed American actress Hilary Swank, Belgian martial arts star Jean-Claude Van Damme, violinist Vanessa Mae, and British musician Seal to his 35th birthday celebration in 2011.

Impact on Depardieu’s career

Human rights organizations expressed dismay, citing Kadyrov’s widespread accusations of grave human rights abuses in suppressing the separatist movement in Chechnya. The accusations include torture, killings of political opponents, and disappearances. Swank stated that she “deeply regretted” going, and Chechen officials later disclosed that the celebrities had received payment to come.

Boycott Pairs Olympics 2024

The strange and unethical behavior of Pairs players and people towards fans and public this boycott is going to be very necessary. Unsafe environment is also doubtful for fans. Human rights violations and cruel behavior of police towards citizens is also noticeable. 

In conclusion, Kadyrov has posted pictures of himself on Instagram with Depardieu’s arm around him, suggesting that the actor feels no remorse about their relationship.One of the biggest movie actors in France, Gérard Depardieu, has been at the center of several accusations of sexual assault in recent years, which have damaged his reputation and shown deeper divides on sexual behavior in France. The actor was indicted for a second case involving allegations of sexual assault and rape that dates back to August 2018, according to the public prosecutor.



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