Targeted harassment: Black and brown influencers' experience on topicals brand trip in France

Targeted harassment: Black and brown influencers’ experience on topicals brand trip in France

A Black-owned skincare firm called Topicals reported mistreatment of influencers on its most recent brand trip. According to the company, the developers of “Black and Brown” faced harassment and discrimination in France. Influencer Nella Rose said that employees at a French spa chose Muslim designers wearing modest swimwear.

Incidents of harassment

Influencers on a promotional trip to France that was arranged by a Black-owned cosmetics company reported encountering “racism and Islamophobia.” The claims stem from a TikTok video posted by a content creator who was on the trip, who claimed that Muslim visitors were turned away from a spa because they were wearing modest swimwear. The event happened at a recent brand trip to the French Alps, according to a Monday post from Topicals, which was attended by “Black and Brown creators from the UK and US.” 

Topicals said on X, the previous Twitter platform, that the group of artists “experienced discrimination, harassment, and were threatened to have law enforcement called on” at one of the “establishments” on the itinerary. Business Insider reached out to Topicals for comment, but they didn’t reply right away. The firm said that they had to “take our business elsewhere quick, fast, and in a hurry” since they had experienced racism “in this magnitude,” which they described as “horrific to say the least.”

Nature of the harassment

In addition, Topicals said that it will provide $10,000 to Black and Muslim groups in France in order to support “local power and joy within marginalized communities.” Professionally known as Nella Rose, Ornella Rose Hollela is a content producer. She posted on Instagram about a group of roughly twenty influencers who visited QC Terme Spa together, two of which were Muslim ladies. 

She said that however, before they arrived at the pool, a service member told the two Muslim women dressed modestly in swimwear that they were not allowed to access the area. Rose claimed that because she spoke French, she tried to talk to the worker about the situation, but he told her to take them to a bikini-selling gift store on the grounds. Rose revealed in her video that she and the two Muslim ladies were contacted by other staff members who claimed that spa patrons felt “uncomfortable” in the company of them after they had regrouped.

Response from topicals

According to Sophie Elizéon, director of the interministerial delegation for the battle against racism, anti-Semitism, and anti-LGBT hatred (DILCRAH), “what is being reported from the ground is the exacerbation of unabashed behavior.” She told EURACTIV that while French society is advancing toward greater equality and respect, certain individuals, mostly white males in their 50s, according to data are growing more protective in the face of this new reality and turning to violence. With over 900 NGOs operating around the nation, the DILCRAH delegation is relying on financial and educational help to effectively address the situation. Elisabeth Borne, the prime minister of France, is scheduled to unveil a new action plan led by the DILCRAH . According to Elizéon, the initiative would concentrate on three primary areas: assisting in defining the problem, determining the scope of the problem, and offering improved training and education to dispel preconceptions.

Broader implications

In France, modest swimwear, often known as burkinis, has long been criticized; certain beaches have even outlawed the clothing. According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Muslim women wear modest clothing for a variety of reasons, chief among them being to honor and strengthen their relationship with God. While some in France contend that the bikinis violate the country’s secularism rules, others such as Ange-Pierre Vivoni, the mayor of a Corsican community say that they encourage “Islamist extremists.

Discrimination in France: Boycott Pairs Olympics 2024 

Boycotting the Paris Olympics 2024 gains traction amidst reports of discrimination against Black and Brown influencers during a promotional trip. Incidents included Muslim visitors being denied entry to a spa due to modest swimwear. Such targeted harassment underscores ongoing challenges with racism and Islamophobia in France, demanding urgent attention and action.


In conclusion, Muslim women have traditionally opposed these kinds of limitations. In 2023, Miss Pakistan went so far as to wear modest swimsuits in the 72nd annual Miss Universe competition, demonstrating that clothing is not only attractive but acceptable.



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