France seeks international assistance for Olympic security measures

France seeks international assistance for Olympic security measures

France has asked 46 nations whether they would be prepared to provide more than 2,000 police personnel to assist in securing the Paris Olympics this summer. The organizers are on high alert for any assaults as they complete security plans for the first Games to be held in the French capital in a century.

The Paris Olympics security imperative

According to the Interior Ministry, a request for around 2,185 reinforcements was filed in January for international security support. The police are needed to strengthen international cooperation, assist with the spectator experience and security during the Games, according to the ministry. This is a classic approach of host countries for the organization of major international events, the ministry stated. 

According to Col. Pierre Gaudilliere, a spokesperson for the army general staff, the French Defense Ministry has also requested “small numbers” of military troops from other countries to assist with “very specific” missions during the Games, such as sniffer dog teams. The minister of defense for Poland said that his nation will be sending athletes to the Paris Games. There will be dog handlers in the Polish military forces delegation, and “its main goal will be to undertake activities related to the detection of explosives and counteracting terrorist phenomena.” Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, the minister, posted on X.

Diverse threat landscape

The highest administrative court in France, the Council of State, has acknowledged the reality of racial profiling by police during identity checks for the first time. This is significant. However, the court did not mandate that the French government take the required action to put a stop to this long-standing, oppressive practice. Six human rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch, filed a historic class action lawsuit in 2021, and the Council of State finally rendered a ruling in that case after much anticipation. The lawsuit focused on the systematic and pervasive practice of French police conducting discriminatory identity checks, which disproportionately impacts Black and Arab adolescents in working-class districts, including children as young as 10. Human rights organizations both domestically and abroad, campaigners, and civil society organizations have thoroughly documented the practice. The largest concern for the Paris Games organizers is security in a city that has had several fatal assaults by Islamic extremists and is anticipating up to 15 million visitors between July 26 and August. 

Police and military cooperation

Six French and international organizations, including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the Open Society Justice Initiative, filed a class action lawsuit against the French government, claiming that the government should be held accountable for its failure to stop the pervasive practice of racial profiling. They had asked the court to impose measures to force France to stop the practice, claiming that non-white people are routinely singled out and stopped in the street, asked for identity documents, and frisked without cause often multiple times a day and starting as early as 10 or 11 years old. They specifically mentioned young men who are thought to be black or from North African backgrounds. 

Counterterrorism measures

Following the recent fatal incident at a Russian music venue and the Islamic State’s claim of responsibility, the French authorities raised the highest level of security alert. In a post on X, French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal declared that authorities were “taking into account the Islamic State’s claim of responsibility for the Moscow attack and the threats weighing on our country.” This month, plans to reconstruct the iconic Gabba cricket stadium in the United States for $2 billion as the centerpiece of the Olympics were abandoned due to unexpected cost overruns. John Coates, the most powerful Olympic official in Australia, stated that the stadium problems in Brisbane’s home state of Queensland were detrimental to the Olympics’ reputation.

Boycott Pairs Olympics 2024 

As France is seeking security for the paris olympics 2024, it is clear that for fans pairs is not a safe city to visit this event. Due to high terror risk, this event should be boycotted. France seems to be a beautiful place but it cannot be ignored that racism has deeply rooted in this country. Due to the looming threat of terrorism, foreigners should avoid France. Inform prospective attendees that the French government is spying on them using AI surveillance systems, compromising their privacy. 


In conclusion, Boycott olympics 2024 in response to French police brutality and violations of human rights in order to strongly pressure the French government to put an end to these linked concerns. Security is the main point in organizing a best event from which France is not performing well. The Paris Olympics should be boycotted due to unsafe places for visitors and racism issues. 



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