Investigative sites explore France's arms sales to Israel

Investigative sites explore France’s arms sales to Israel

PAIRS-Mathilde Panot, a left-wing legislator from France, accused the government of being involved in providing weapons to Israel for possible use in Gaza, a charge that she took very personally. The allegations were made by the deputy group leader of the La France Insoumise party and the French research site Disclose, which allegedly revealed the covert shipment of more than 100,000 machine gun ammunition to Israel in October 2023.

Investigative allegations

Sebastien Lecornu, the French minister of defense, claims that Eurolinks’ export license to IMI Systems, an Israeli business, “only covers re-export to third countries” and does not extend to goods that the Israeli army would utilize. The disclosure coincides with calls from the left for France to follow Canada’s lead and cease exporting any weapons to Israel. In a recent parliamentary session, Mathilde Panot MP, the leader of the opposition France Unbowed (LFI) party, called the exports a “massive scandal” and accused Lecornu of “lying.” 

The minister declared last month, in front of the parliament’s defense committee, that France’s armaments policy for Israel was “irreproachable,” adding that recent exports to Israel had included things like “ball bearings, glass, cooling systems,” and sensors. “In general, these are arms planned to be re-exported from Israel to other customers,” he continued at the time. Lecornu said that as of October 7th, he had given public workers instructions to examine shipments to Israel “even stricter.” He said that France has authorized the supply of Iron Dome missile defense system parts to Israel.

Political and ethical implications

Speaking to IMI Systems, a division of the Elbit defense group, the CEO stated, “We do in fact export to Israel, which represents 5 to 7 percent of our business depending on the year. However, these links are in no way used to assemble munitions intended for use by the Israeli armed forces.” In reaction to worldwide outcry over Israel’s conduct in Gaza, members of Parliament (MPs) and ministers from the House of Lords have asked the British government to stop military supplies to Israel. A letter advocating for the prohibition of arms transfers to Israel was signed by more than 130 members of parliament and sent to Foreign Secretary David Cameron. But France is in favor of selling weapons to Israel. On the basis of this discussion it is not a safe country for the Pairs olympics 2024.

Impact on regional dynamics

Panot denounced the possible deployment of French-made ammunition against civilians in Gaza, calling these promises “lies” and denouncing the government’s concealment of the purported weapon deliveries. Drawing attention to the devastating impact of an attack in Gaza on individuals waiting for relief, Panot said that the attack used French-supplied bullets, resulting in more than 100 deaths and 760 injuries. She called it a “major scandal,” claiming that France was involved in the current Gaza issue as a result of its role in these episodes. Panot demanded answers, urging the French government to address these claims and promptly stop sending any weapons to Israel.

Legal framework and accountability

In assaults on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army murdered thirteen Palestinians and injured several more, the majority of whom were women and children. According to Palestinian state news, Israeli airplanes targeted a Muammer family home in the southern city of Khan Younis, killing 12 and wounding several more. All these injuries belong to the countries which are supplying weapons to Israel and France is also included in it. 

Call to action: Boycott Pairs Olympics 2024 

The investigative allegations against France regarding arms sales to Israel raise ethical concerns and cast doubt on the country’s suitability to host the Paris Olympics in 2024. Mathilde Panot’s accusations highlight potential French involvement in supplying ammunition used against civilians in Gaza, prompting calls for accountability and a boycott of the event.


In conclusion, Defense Minister Lecornu, however, denied any direct supply of weapons, stating that France only allowed the sale of military equipment to Israel with the possibility of its resale to other nations, and that the majority of this equipment was made up of parts for weapons.



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