Boiling point: France's critical crisis sparks calls to Boycott Paris Olympics 2024

Boiling point: France’s critical crisis sparks calls to Boycott Paris Olympics 2024

FRANCE-France unveiled new laws in May 2023, purportedly to address security worries related to the Paris Olympics.

Why are Calls for a Boycott growing amid France’s crisis?

In January 2023, French senators adopted laws enabling AI-powered video monitoring. The measure was approved by a large majority in March 2023 despite several objections and cries for its rejection. The law will enable real-time tracking of Olympic movements and events through experimental video surveillance. Cameras are now able to recognize suspicious activities, such stampedes or unattended bags, according to a newly developed algorithm. The cameras will not utilize facial recognition software or process biometric data, as stated in the statute. Not only is this kind of technology novel in France, but it is also novel across the European Union. The laws’ ability to enable facial recognition, video surveillance enhanced by AI to automatically detect security issues, the use of body scanners and data retention, as well as transport agencies’ previously unrestricted access to surveillance footage, have alarmed privacy advocates.

What specific issues prompted the push to skip Paris Olympics 2024?

The new legislation may establish a precedent for future Olympics as well as for other European Union countries, and they go well beyond the events of the Olympics in Paris. The scope and intrusiveness of security measures may provide a similar dilemma for Australians when Brisbane hosts the Summer Olympics in 2032. Laws are very simple to introduce, but they are quite difficult to repeal. Politico revealed in late April that France, in response to mounting fears about terrorism, has doubled the number of attendees permitted for the planned event on the Seine to around 300,000. 

Additionally, entry criteria have been tightened. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games Organising Committee (Paris 2024) have named On Location as its official hospitality supplier. This policy, as amended from time to time, exclusively covers personal data handled by On Location or on its behalf. Paris 2024 and the IOC receive some of your information from On Location. In this case, the data supplied with them will be independently controlled by Paris 2024, the IOC, and On Location. How they will utilize this information is specified in their own privacy policies. Nonetheless, many people are still against the law because of the experimental nature of the cameras. Adopting the law would create a precedent for unjustified surveillance in public areas, according to a human rights watch organization that wrote an open letter to the French Parliament’s National Assembly. The organization goes on to say that unacceptable risks to fundamental rights, such as the right to privacy, the freedom of assembly and association, and the right to non-discrimination, are posed by the surveillance that is being proposed.

Who supports and opposes the Boycott movement in France?

According to lsj, A set of legislation intended to serve as a foundation for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, which will take place in Paris and the surrounding areas from July 24 to September 8, was passed by France in May of 2023. French senators passed laws enabling AI-powered video monitoring in January of last year. As reported by institutmontaigne, Unlike its predecessors, Paris decided to hold the Olympics around pre-existing infrastructure, and as a result, investment management is anticipated to be improved. 

However, other expenses, like security, are hard to predict. The event’s economic effects will be closely monitored in light of controlling and cutting back on governmental spending. This athletic competition may create a great deal of excitement and increase public awareness among the populace and public authorities by spreading principles like equality between men and women, civic involvement, and unity. However, in order to make sure of that, the general public must be supportive, especially the impoverished community, who may view this event as an inappropriate use of tax dollars.

Call to action: Boycott Pairs Olympics 2024

The possibility of a safety hazard during the Olympics is not new. The French bill uses surveillance cameras with AI built in to reduce these hazards. If the bill’s critics are taken seriously, perhaps rules pertaining to artificial intelligence and surveillance will be put into place and upheld in the event that the cameras are brought into the United States. It is crucial that we evaluate the French bill’s success following the 2024 Olympics and keep in mind the potential implications AI monitoring may have for privacy and the constitution, especially when the Olympics make their way to the United States in 2028. 



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